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2NL FR, value betting when behind and ahead, same opponent

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  • 2NL FR, value betting when behind and ahead, same opponent

    Hi guys, I've got two hands here... and am asking about maximising return / extracting value. They are related I promise! Hand 1 - Playing from behind and OOP __________________________ Preface A3s UTG+1 Villain is LP Most other Villains are multi-table players Raise to 4BB, happy to blind steal, happier to flush trap. Flop horrible despite catching a pair ________________________ Specific Questions 1) On the turn... I'm OOP, Villain had pot-betted on flop... was checking the right move here to protect against a possible flush? 2) River... As Villain checked river I figure J has not improved their hand. They could still be ahead so I pot bet with the intention of no-showdown. Should I value bet or is no-showdown the best option in these situations. Obviously I would fold to a raise. Hand 2 - Playing ahead and in position __________________________ Preface KJo at the c/o, so am in position Same Villains and same main Villain as hand before. I raise 3BB with the intention to blind steal with a semi-decent hand. Flop 9J9, worried about potential set as it's within Villains range... less worried about flush (but maybe should be!), but still feel I am ahead with Jacks and King kicker. Turn and River I feel I'm ahead so am no longer worried, happy to take initiative here but I only bet the River. ________________________ Specific Questions 3) Should I be re-raising flop and turn? If so, by how much? My initial thoughts are if Villain didn't donk bet me I would have put a pot-sized bet in... should I continue with pot sized re-raise (i.e. 0.26c) or do I add on Villains 0.06c bet (i.e. 0.32c). 4) River... should I be betting less for value... or once again go for pot or no-showdown? ________________________ Any help is much appreciated umbup: Thanks, ApexShark

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    Hi Apex,

    Please follow the rules of the HA forum, only 1 hand to a thread so there is no confusion in any discussions.

    Hand 1 is a fold preflop, if we are opening this wide from EP in a 9 handed game we are going to have some serious hand strength problems post flop. Bet/fold the flop, and as played fold to his big bet.

    Re-check your river question. A value bet is a bet which we think can get called by worse hands. You have 5th pair. He's not calling with worse. Check/fold the river imo.

    Hand 2, raise him on the turn imo. We are probably ahead on the flop when he donks into us, as this is often a 1 pair hand or draw, but I think it's confirmed on the turn when he bets tiny. I don't really want to give him a free (.06c) card on the river to make a hand. I would make it like .30c on the turn. As played a pot sized river bet is way too big. If you range him you should draw the conclusion that his turn and river actions mean a weak hand, so I think our best chance for value is to make a smaller bet here that he can pay off with a weak range.
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      Thanks again Dave,

      Promise to only do 1 hand at a time.

      Promise to tighten up!

      Promise to use my read on the river to gauge whether to bet for value.

      Thanks again!



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