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6max 4NL: Floating with ace high in a 3-bet pot. Play it like a set?

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  • 6max 4NL: Floating with ace high in a 3-bet pot. Play it like a set?

    I only have 17 hands on Villain in SB at this point, but he seems solid, playing 19/19/6. (He turned out to be more aggro/spewy in the long run).

    Hand Information
    Holdem NL 0.02/0.04, 0.04 BB (6 handed).

    Table Information
    Seat: UTG ($2.57)
    Seat: MP ($1.14)
    Seat: CO Pingachu ($4.59)
    Seat: BUT ($2.41) Dealer
    Seat: SB ($5.26) Small Blind
    Seat: BB ($4.51) Big Blind
    Dealt to Pingachu

    Preflop (Pot:0.06)
    Pingachu RAISE $0.12
    SB RAISE $0.36
    Pingachu CALL $0.24

    Flop(Pot: $0.78)

    SB BET $0.53
    Pingachu CALL $0.53

    Turn(Pot: $1.84)

    Pingachu BET $1.09
    SB CALL $1.09

    River(Pot: $4.02)

    Pingachu ???

    Two main questions:
    1. Is the float on the flop with 2 overs and BDNFD/nut blocker too loose, given that villain will be barreling overpairs pretty often?
    2. Should I give up on the river, or just cram in 65bb (polarized to nuts or air) to get villain off his missed overs (AK especially) and sometimes JJ/AT/KT?
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    Hi Arty,

    I think floating the flop is ok, and I like the turn bet. I wouldn't fire the river barrel here though, because I think our primary target hand to fold out is AK, but it's hard to see him playing AK this way too much... AhKh would probably barrel the turn, and the other AK's should fold a lot to our turn bet I would think. Maybe with more informed reads we could fire again. The 1 pair hands in his range are probably calling us on the river when we polarize, because in his mind we will in fact have a lot of potential air on a very wet board when all the draws miss.
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      Thanks Dave. I think I subconsiously knew he had showdown value with a pair (and not AK), when he called the turn, and he's not folding it when the board pairs on the end. (A club on the river would presumably have given me more fold equity.)
      As played, I jammed 2.61, and villain called with the quite unexpected 98o for second pair.

      I congratulated him on his "sick hero call" and he said something like "that board misses your range", which I suppose is fairly accurate, because I have more busted draws than boats, straights and overpairs in my river betting range.

      Thanks again.
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        villain soulreaded u



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