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NL5 Zoom, QTs 5-way, Played Correctly for Max Value?

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  • NL5 Zoom, QTs 5-way, Played Correctly for Max Value?

    Hi, I've been focusing on cash lately and posting a few winning hands, trying to see if I should be more aggro with the nuts. No reads here, all players in pot have above starting stacks. Decided to just flat in c/o, should I raise here? how much? Wet flop J5K gives me up/down str8, utg bets 2X (Kx or Jx)? I flat for pot control with SB still to act. Should I raise here to inflate the pot as early as possible? SB checks, WHY????. Either drawing or massive. Hmmmmm? Turn gives me str8, SB and utg both check, I bet full pot. Again SB just calls, I'm ahead, SB must have lots of outs. Blank on the river, so again I bet full pot. If villain is massive AcJc, J5, KJ or set, can I bet more?
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    Hi F1sh,

    You could raise the limpers, or call preflop imo. I don't mind raising to take the initiative.

    Flop and turn are fine. I think we should be betting big for sure, and while your sizing is fine, it could be a spot we can go for an overbet. If he missed a draw he's not calling anyway, but if he's got a strong hand he will. If he has a medium strength hand like KQ, he may feel like we missed our hand and call if when we polarize ourselves with a big bet. So maybe like $2 here?
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      Thanks for the hand analysis,
      For some reason the villians hand is mucked above.
      On the original replayed hand villian mucked set 555.



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