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5NL zoom QQ- nitty or disciplined?

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  • 5NL zoom QQ- nitty or disciplined?

    Can´t really see any hands that he would c-bet there that I´m ahead of..

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    Depends what you think he might have I guess.

    Hands that can be three betting vs an UTG opener (Assuming he isnt a SLAG player) are JJ(I personally wouldnt 3bet JJ without reads here)/QQ/KK/AA/AK. We do terribly against that range. Even allowing for a slightly looser 3bet range of 99+ and AQ+ we are still a equity dog and cards that improve our hand can also improve him to a better hand.

    Annoyed but decent fold IMO.


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      Excactly my thoughts as villains in zoom tend to respect UTG opens even a bit too much I think.


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        I think I would call 1 street. Folding isn't bad but I think the villain will be betting their whole range on that flop. Having said that, this flop pretty much smashes their 3-bet range... at least it should. But you have second pair and a gutter. I would call 1 street and fold to a second barrel if unimproved. Check OTT if checked to.


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          Originally posted by dirt eh View Post
          I think I would call 1 street.
          I take it we think we are either ahead or have equity?


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            Originally posted by bhoylegend View Post
            I take it we think we are either ahead or have equity?
            I can assume the player is a rec... and I've seen recs 3bet any 2 suited cards. They don't understand 3-betting. They'll 3-bet 54s. I can't give this player a nut-ted hand here.


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              Why can't you 3bet 54s? no blockers?


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                Preflop is certainly good with position and deeper stacks when you open UTG and get 3-bet from the blinds. I would expect most people to have a strong range here so I don't feel too bad about folding flop. You can however call once with some equity and position if you feel your opponent isn't a good player who might pay you off if you hit or even be aggressive enough to start bluffing here.
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