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2NL T9s turned trips in 3bet pot

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  • 2NL T9s turned trips in 3bet pot

    Villain is a tag (Actually, while he is active pre, he calls a lot and seems not to aggressive post either with 1.1AgF), only appears to 3bet a value range, 28/15 over 295 hands, with 2.2 3bet % over 90 instances. We're a little deeper and I am IP which is why I call the 3bet, its probably a little speculative, or very speculative. Anyway, I'm aware pre is not likely to be optimal. Post flop, how is my line? I think the flop is pretty excellent for my hand. Middle pair, OESD and rainbow. I figure he is likely to have a big pair or AK if this wasnt a light 3bet, which I don't think he is capable of. He bets large, I call. Turn gives me trips, I imagine I am probably good in the hand, but here is where I would usually raise. Should I ever raise here? I'm thinking about more what I should be doing at higher levels where people can get away from overpairs, TPTK hands easier than they do at 2NL. River, obvious value bet for rest of stack? I'm pretty certain it is.
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    I do not see if there is much difference between raising or calling turn, overpairs obv have almost no equity, and this is obvious river value bet with that brick. I would fold QQ+ 95% of time there but average 2NL fishreg wont so i think there is some value to get.

    Edit: I think there is no difference if you call or raise turn there because TAG villain with these stats are almost never bluffing turn there thus the money is going in anyway.
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      Hey bhoy,

      I think the preflop call is marginal but ok... definitely a fold on 100bb's imo, but 155 effective it's close enough, especially with some post flop reads and position working.

      Flop I like. Turn, I disagree that there's no difference in calling and raising, there is a pretty big difference imo. That difference is there's no river card yet. I agree we are probably good now (obv not always, he can have JJ), and when good now will still be good on blank rivers, but the cards that improve our hand (7, T, Q) are all scary cards to his overpairs. An ace is scary to QQ/KK. These cards that "improve" our hand, are disasters for us because when we're winning, he may not pay us off now, and we don't have that same luxury when we're losing. For example, if he's got KK he may not pay off much on a Q river. He may anyway, but he will have the option to get away from us. We won't be getting away from him likely though, if he's got QQ or JJ instead of KK. We are on much better/more level footing if we get him all in right now on the turn. We'll still be paying JJ and such off, but KK and the like can't bow out anymore.

      I would suspect he is not folding after he bets the turn, so just put him all in right there imo rather than risk an action killing card.
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        I think pre-flop is fine, especially this deep. I agree with Dave about raising the turn. There's just too many river cards that either kill your hand, or kill your action.
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