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25NL 6max - Open utg KQs, call 3bet oop, call cbet QT5 flop and x/r all-in K turn...

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  • 25NL 6max - Open utg KQs, call 3bet oop, call cbet QT5 flop and x/r all-in K turn...

    This hand is an unknown villain and the only bluff here is red or black when I turn 2 pair.

    The review note/boom link:

    "Open utg KQs, call 3bet oop, call cbet QT5 flop and x/r all-in K turn. Red or black"

    So why did I do this? This may seem bad but I thought the 3bet size was a bit big. I expect $2 - $2.15 so is the villain putting out a tester?

    If we try ranging AK AQ JJ TT pushing me a bit to 4bet. Even though I can block K,Q - against AK AQ is looking bad unless I hit spades.

    Poll: Love it or hate it? Value or bluff?

    If villain bets $8.99 to pot I'm folding! But who has the nuts now?

    PS. Just reading it again. The poll was a joke, now:
    1) love it = value
    2) hate it = bluff
    3) undecided = merge?

    What is a merge? An excuse to bluff against a value range?
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Sat Apr 12, 2014, 10:10 AM.

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    Hey Forrest,

    The preflop call is a mistake imo. KQ is dominated by his value 3b range and we don't have any read so we don't know:

    1) if he has a bluff range
    2) how he plays post flop
    3) how to proceed when we hit our hand

    I don't see how this is going to be a profitable spot for us OOP without the initiative tbh. It may feel tight folding pre, but you're allowed to be tight when you open UTG and get 3b to sizable amount behind you from an unknown.

    Flop is fine, turn is not at all... I think we must lead the turn rather than offer him a free card option now that we probably have the best hand but are very vulnerable. Check/jamming feels to me like we will only get called off by a high-equity range... hands we're ahead of but not by much, like AdA, AdK, JdJ... and hands we are crushed by like Axd, AJ, KK, QQ, TT.

    If we lead turn and he moves in, should we call? Probably, but it's an ugly spot and all circles back to the preflop play that gets us in these pickles.
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