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2NL Top set on wet Flop, What's my 3bet size?

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  • 2NL Top set on wet Flop, What's my 3bet size?

    Hi, Think I just got lucky here, villain was semi-bluffing Raised pre KK, hit top set on wet flop, so lead out 1/2 pot, Villain just min raises, could have hit so many of c/range. 1st mistake, I only min raise back, should it be pot size? Villain leads out A on turn with 3 clubs on board. 2nd mistake, I think I should just shove here even if behind as a call is 1/3 my stack?
    Last edited by F1sh4UrCh1p5; Sat Apr 12, 2014, 02:30 AM.

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    Preflop is fine, bet bigger on the flop - 0,30-35, to price out draws.
    As played, jam turn imo.


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      Hi F1sh,

      I'm glad you recognized the 1st mistake, because it's a huge one. He's getting 1.45-.20 to call, so 7-1, on any draw. Raise to about $1 here imo and if he calls, shove your last $1.70 on the turn.

      2nd mistake... villain is not leading out on the turn, he is betting after you check to him, which is a big difference. The turn looks like a pretty scary card and you check suddenly, he can have a lot of worse hands and turned draws that think they now have the green light to semi-bluff.

      Raise more on flop, move all in on the turn. As played, bet turn (don't offer him a free card option) planning to move all in on the river unless it's a 4th club, this might be better to check/call. We shouldn't even face a river decision though here, we should be all in on the turn imo.
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