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AKs v UTG open

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  • AKs v UTG open

    Hi All I was wondering on this had whether I should have raised the flop and whether my raise on the tern was to big should I have gone with something like 12c? I have no reads on the player they have on played 2 hands so fare. Thanks for all the help Michael

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    Hi Michael!

    The villain seems like a recreational player:
    • he couldn't be bothered waiting one more hand for the Big Blind to reach him and he chose to post
    • He's playing with a 40BB stack
    • He minraised from UTG on a Full-Ring table
    • This is a 2NL table - most players are recreational or beginners who haven't learnt the tricks yet.

    Now with AKs, I'd definitley be looking to 3Bet this preflop. I wouldn't imagine this villain is positionally aware yet, so he could show up with a lot of hands that we can extract value from. Also I'm quite keen to isolate and have this villain all to myself as much as possible, especially with such a strong hand as AK.

    Postflop, these hands where you basically own the deck can be quite difficult to extract value from. I think you played it fine on all streets.

    On the flop you'd like to induce the Small Blind to call for such a cheap price and maybe have the UTG bet again on later streets.

    On the turn your eye has to be on playing for stacks, which villain is unfortunately making it hard to do! You have to hope he's picked up a flush draw or just binked a Tx that he's never folding. Bearing this in mind, I think your turn raise could actually be a tiny bit bigger, to extract more value from his potential draws and set up a more comfortable river shove.

    At the moment if villain called your $0.18 raise, he would have $0.54 behind with a $0.59. If you had bet $0.22, the pot would be $0.67 with his stack at $0.50, without making much difference as to whether he would call or not.


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      Hi Michae,

      I would prefer to 3-bet preflop and isolate this player since the are a fish almost certainly, sitting with 40bb and posting UTG instead of waiting 1 hand. Like 15c to go.

      Having the board crushed on the flop I think calling there is fine. I also think our turn raise is fine, he's betting .04c into .23c, he's got nothing so he's probably folding to any raise but it's ok, no reason to give him a free river in case he actually has outs.
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