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Button bigstack 3bets preflop, i CALL. 2nl6mZ

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  • Button bigstack 3bets preflop, i CALL. 2nl6mZ

    Hi all,

    replayr busted srry,

    info on opponent: I only saw him play one hand, which, like this hand, was from the button where he also 3bet preflop.

    Opponent: bttn $!3.73
    rule110: utg1 $2.22

    I mr A3ss utg1 and he 3b to 6x. I call.

    Flop 9d8c5h pot .26

    I completely miss. I decide to lead slightly less then half pot, .10 into .26 and he calls...

    Turn 3h pot .46

    I make a pair. I check and he checks behind.

    River Tc pot .46

    What do you do in this hand, and specifically on this river?

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    He is an unknown. With A3s I would fold pre to a 6x 3bet you have to assume he is doing that with the top end of his range.

    As played with the low flop he could have missed with AK so it is worth taking a bluff at I would bet bigger may 60-70% to make it look like we had something. If he has AA KK you small bet on the flop and the min raise pre at best looks like 1010 or smaller pair which he is crushing. After he calls check/fold turn and river and move on. I don't think he is going anywhere to further bets on either street.


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      Hi rule110

      I don't like min raising from early positions. In fact, I would only consider min raising from the BU where we can play a very wide range of hands. From EP we want to raise to atleast 3x because we want to start with a strong range and also to make up for our positional disadvantage. With A3s I would open fold in a 9 handed game. And definetly not call a 6x 3bet. Also leading the flop with air doesn't make too much sense especially with that sizing because we don't get to fold any hands that are better than ours. Generally, we want to check to the aggressor and take it from there. We have a very weak pair OTR with a heavily connected board. x/f imo.


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        Thanks, after reading your post I do not like my play in this hand.

        I led river .33 into .46



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