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5NL zoom hand

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  • 5NL zoom hand

    Hey guys, just started watching XflixX's videos, and I'd be really interested of his opinion of this hand

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    I think it's played great mostly. Usually I'm folding KJs to a 3bet, but it's a min 3bet and a lot of money in the pot already so you definitely have the price to call.

    I like the check behind on the flop, and the turn and river bets.

    I would be folding on the river to the raise though. What were your thoughts and what did you range the villain with?


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      Villain's line makes no sense. It would be a very weird way to play any hand that beats you (and there's only one combo of KK out there in the first place), so I think I like the river call.
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        Well, 1st of all, when he 3-bet squeezes that small, I am like a 99% certain, I'm dealing with a recreational player. So basicly I can expect anything from that guy. When I value bet the river and he jams it, I'm trully confused , but from my experience, I believe that if a recreational player is about to jam like that with a monster, he is more likely to do it on the flop, or just open jams the river. So I don't really think he has like AA,AK,KK,A7,99. So I thought I'm usually good here and went with it, turned out to be right
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          Hey KalinTonchev,

          calling preflop for the price you're given is obviously very standard. OTF I would usually just bet to get value from weaker pairs and draws without risking to give out another freecard to two hands. You also collect more valuable information that way about both player's hands and can potentially even fold vs a lot of action.

          As played I'm not sure if I like the river call, reads should be very strong here (impression of villain, timing). I would assume he could still be slowplaying a very strong hand and just realized he missed out on value so far.
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            Ty xflixx.



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