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$5NL FR, Pocket 7s on a Queen high spade flush flop

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  • $5NL FR, Pocket 7s on a Queen high spade flush flop

    I've got a few questions on this one, as I think I played it wrong on every street. Please let me know what you would do and why my thought process was wrong/right. Just sat at this table but I know opp is not a reg as I frequently play this limit 1) 3 bet preflop? 2) OTF I'm not really afraid of the flush. I think its possible opp has a pocket pair but more likely he is C-betting with air, or has hit paired the queen. I think a raise would have been more beneficial for me in that spot as may have been able to get him of top pair or other better hand. Although I considered doing this, I don't know if this player is capable of folding with top pair or any hand containing a decent spade. So I got gun shy and just called. 3) Turn comes and I didn't really have a plan. His bet here tells he is either begging for a call or allot more likely he is double barreling with a weak hand or air. In the end I'm just not confident enough in my read and fold.
    Bracelet Winner

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    Hand is well played. tbh, I didn't read your thought process.

    Only thing you MIGHT want to try is raising the villains c-bet. Try raising the c-bet to 0.45. Fold if he raises and check the turn when they check to you. Might get you a free card.


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      I like your line and your thoughts.

      Preflop I prefer calling in position rather than 3betting. 77 plays better than smaller pairs 22-55 that we may be better 3b with. Often in spots like this my choice between calling or 3b will depend on my notes on the raiser as well as who is left to act after me. I don't want to flat if there is a 3b happy player in the blinds for example. Here we don't know anything. So, flatting seems best. If he is a weaker non-reg, there is probably a better chance of him calling the 3b oop which will make for a difficult postflop situation.

      On the flop, I prefer calling since we again don't know what to expect from the villain. If he shuts down on the turn we are probably good. Moreover, if he has a spade, it is likely that it is better than yours. Your hand won't be strong enough to call bets on every street even if you get a set. As you said yourself, we don't have a plan. So, folding on the turn looks good. Had we known more about the villain we might have folded or raised the flop, but against an unknown your line looks fine.

      Nice hand
      Roland GTX


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        thanks guys
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