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NL2 Zoom, JJ c/o vs LAG villains

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  • NL2 Zoom, JJ c/o vs LAG villains

    Hi, This hand vs two loose aggressive players. Just called the raise in the cut-off, with big-stacks in SB/BB, who both called. Should I have re-raised to isolate here? The level of post flop aggression was a surprise! But if I call the shove, BB must call also. With middle set and straight and flush draws on the flop should I consider folding here as BB must also now call?

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    I usually 3bet JJ+ and AK, many people are looser than that, and going up the stakes you have to get looser eventually.

    It's fine to play non 3-bet pots sometimes with this kind of hand though. Usually I only do that when there is a lot of action before me and I feel the only value in the hand is set mining.

    Definitely never fold in this spot. I'm happy to get my money in here every time. There is only 1 hand beating you and that is KK. Against draws you have at least 50% equity. So heads up you are good to get in. When it gets 3 way, you are probably sitting almost exactly 50% equity but only putting under 33% of the money in. So it is always profitable to go all in here.


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      Preflop - either 3Betting or calling in position is fine. Since V8 is presumably a recreational player, having a short stack, I'd be more inclined to 3Bet for value to isolate him, but just flatting is fine.

      Very nice to see all that flop action when you flop middle set, the 2nd nuts! I'm snap-moving all in and doing a happy dance. You're ahead of all draws, you just need to hope for two bricks on the turn and river!



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