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NL2 Zoom, 66 with notes on LAG villain

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  • NL2 Zoom, 66 with notes on LAG villain

    Hi, Not sure if I butchered this hand, but comments welcome. I have notes on this player, likes to squeeze in position. The large button raise previously indicated AK or AQ. The other call behind the BTN raise gave 3:1 to call. I expected the villain to c/bet almost any flop, the J high flop paired board suggests villain has missed, I decided to call the flop, I was pot commited, then bet out. Should I have just re-raised all-in on the flop?

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    Fold pre. You need to have at least $8.25 effectively to make a $0.55 call preflop. 15 x 0.55 = $8.25.


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      I'm never starting the hand with less than 100bb. I auto top up, which can let you play situations like this profitably sometimes (dependent on opponents).

      I'm probably folding this hand preflop either way because I don't think the odds are really there to set mine, even though there are 2 other players in the hand, I don't think it's very likely that you'll get both stacks.


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        Thanks for the input/advice

        Note to self: More practice needed on calling odds


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          Look at pot odds and implied odds. There are a bunch of classes in the library dealing with playing cash and focusing on these things as well as theoretical classes.


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            The biggest mistake in this hand is playing the game with a less than 50BB stack. This is what leads to problems in this hand and is why you're finding it very difficult to decide what to do. You should be auto-topping up or if you don't have the Bankroll, then move down to 2NL until you build up a big enough bankroll to play 5NL with a full stack.

            If you had a note that the button likes to squeeze, then I think you can just fold this to the initial UTG raise. You're only barely getting enough implied odds to profitably call anyway but more importantly, you've still got three people to act behind you all of whom can squeeze. However as played, this is a clear fold to the squeeze, you're simply way too short-stacked to be set-mining.

            As played I think getting it in on the flop is reasonable, but you're just playing a guessing game, which is why it's so hard to play short-stacked!

            Originally posted by dirt eh View Post
            Fold pre. You need to have at least $8.25 effectively to make a $0.55 call preflop. 15 x 0.55 = $8.25.
            I think you can go a bit less than 15x because of the fact that you're multiway, therefore more likely to get paid off if you do hit, but your point is valid nonetheless. FWIW I'm actually a bit nittier than 15x, particularly if playing against good opponents who are less likely to pay off when I hit my set.


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              I still like 15x no matter what multiway has more of a chance to get value owned. Gotta make up for it!



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