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NL2 Zoom, QQ correct to check river?

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  • NL2 Zoom, QQ correct to check river?

    Hi, Bet sizing analysis please, particularly on the turn. Should I bet the river on this board? or am I only getting called/raised by better hand?

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    Definitely missed an opportunity OTR. I would bet about $1.00-1.25 about half his stack would be good. Bet sizing on both streets looks good to me. Just missed some value OTR.


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      I think the bet sizing on the flop and turn is great. On the river I would be bet-folding.

      So I would bet the value that 'dirt eh' said and then folding if the villain raises.


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        Made a note on this villain,
        calling turn/river with gutshot s/c o/c
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          Your sizing seems fine. I might bet half pot on the flop since it fairly dry.

          On the river, checking it down is safe. I think this is an sound and profitable strategy at 2NL and in this spot in particular since straights, trips and full houses are possible. This line will keep you out of trouble and is a line I would often take agsinst an unknown opponent. However as the other point out, we could win a bit more value here. You are beating most 2p hands as well as overpairs 1010 and JJ. You may also get called by A5, A8 or A9. This is a good spot to make a thin value bet of 50% the pot and folding if raised.

          So, checking it down is a lower variance option, but betting the river will be more profitable inthe long run I believe.

          Roland GTX



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