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10NL 6m zoom. riverplay ?

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  • 10NL 6m zoom. riverplay ?

    how's the line?
    Should I have bet river? I thought i could get value from 2pair but not much else...I was ready to fold to a 3bet/shove.
    OTT he did bet into 2 so he prob is strong.

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    What hands does the villain have that he is going to call the raise with?

    If he had a set or top pair on the flop then he would probably have bet the flop, so QT and AT is possibly not in his range.

    What stat's do you have on him? Is he likely to have hands like Q7 or Q6. A7s and A6s are definitely a possibility (maybe even unsuited). But you have an A so these are slightly less likely.

    He could just be bluffing at the turn and hold a hand like AK that he's calling the river raise with, but again, you hold one of the A cards.

    EDIT: I see he actually did have the Q7s, but did you have any idea beforehand that he could get there with this kind of hand?


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      No reads. It's zoom and I haven't played this pool that much yet to have solid samples.

      I did expect him to have smt like 2pair, I thought about A10 tbh. Set was unlikely bc he checked flop indeed.


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        u played it epicly , though u could raise a bit bigger OTR....


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          Originally posted by NaturoSasuki View Post
          u played it epicly
          Oh, stop it, you !

          Originally posted by NaturoSasuki View Post
          though u could raise a bit bigger OTR....
          and scare of the hands that give me value?


          • #6
            3b pre. If we don't 3b this then we won't be 3betting enough for value enough vs a CO range.

            I like raising river vs that sizing. I think anywhere from $2.70-$3.20 is a fine size given he won't be too strong given he checked the flop.

            Obviously folding if he comes over the top.


            • #7
              I like the way you played this postflop. When I looked through the hand, my initial inclination was to raise to $3 ($2.99 for those that like to use fancy sizings ). There's decent chance that villain has made a worse two pair like A7 or A6. He also might have been bluffing on the turn once he saw that no-one else was interested in the hand and may easily call with any Ax he opened with pre.

              If he had come over the top, you'd have to fold as he couldn't discount you from having KJ with how the hand played out.

              Preflop I'm with birdayy that I'd rather see a 3Bet from the Button vs a CO open, but flatting certainly isn't the biggest mistake, much better than folding at least


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                dont 3b pre... u will fold or even worse=>betfold on such flops and lose value against JJ-



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