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  • FH on the board

    Hi all I have 2 questions about this hand 1. Should I have Cbet here? 2. And should I have called the river bet? I thought the V could be trying to get me off a chop. His stats seem to be ferly solid. H:137 VP:17 PF:10 AG:2.2 Thanks for the help Michael
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    1. If we're c-betting this flop, we need to bet the turn as well. Think about it.. If you had a pair would you check OTT? The answer is no.

    2. I don't call to chop. I call to win. LOL



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      C-betting flop and checking turn looks good to me (villain has a pair or a queen very often, and a 6 doesn't scare hands like 99). River is probably a fold, as you're chopping at best, and you're losing to Qx, 66 and all pocket pairs higher than 66. Villain is in prime position to get you off a chop here, so I like his bet, but I'd just let him take it. One of the maxims I follow is "Don't call if you're chopping at best". It's just not a +EV decision when the most you can win is half the pot (minus rake) and you're having to pay 3/4 pot just to see the bad news.
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        Hi Michae,

        C-bet is fine, this is not a great turn to barrel though as it won't dissuade him from calling again with much of his flop calling range. If you had better reads and knew he called flop/folded turn too much, then you could barrel again regardless.

        As played the river is not a call. He's pretty heavy in 77-JJ imo, going for value. I don't think a 17/10 guy is bluffing the river too much.

        The math is pretty easy. We need to call .18 to win half of the .25 pot (since we can only chop or lose), so .18 to get back .125, so we have to be right 60% of the time roughly. Is he bluffing to get you off a chop sometimes? Maybe, although I think it's doubtful, it's not zero % of the time... but it's certainly not close to 60% of the time either.
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          Thanks for the feedback



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