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2NL FR KK flop Axx

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  • 2NL FR KK flop Axx

    How should I understand such bet and then re-raise on flop, such sizing on turn and check on river? Villain's bet sizing was pretty stupid before but thats all I know. I didn't put him on AK since he only called me preflop, and he should have folded lower aces from SB being oop postflop.

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    Just call the flop. Ask yourself what happens when you raise. Nothing worse than KK (other than maybe combos draws that are flipping) is going to give you value, so you're likely building a pot when you only have 2 outs to the best hand. Ax might seem an unlikely holding to you, but do you think QQ is going to 3-bet the flop? Villain pretty much always has at least top pair when he re-raises, so you should be folding.
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      First of all I would ask. Do you always bet 5x in that position or is it because you had a premium hand.

      If someone is raising 5x UTG and is an unknown then I'm probably calling with AK and hoping to hit the flop, I immediately think premium hand.

      I don't like the 3bet from him on the flop at all. If you're calling then the aim is to get to the river as cheaply as possible. With the flop call (which I possibly wouldn't do, the sizing is tiny though). I am calling the small turn bet, and checking the river.

      If he is going to call that sizing on the river he is going to have something. Nothing worse is calling. And i doubt many better hands are folding from this villain.


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        yes, I always bet 5x if I decide to bet from UTG, is that bad?


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          No that's fine, as long as it's your position that determines the bet sizing and not your hand strength.

          Recreational players probably won't notice. And regulars probably will, but they'll see it a few times, and notice that it's based on position and not hand strength.


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            Hi Reetik!

            5bb utg may be a bit heavy as we don't want to get valueowned. Since we are opening a strong range utg, we usually want to get action. 5bb may be getting too many folds. However, we don't want a string of callers either. I open with 3.5bb. Most players would view 3bb or 4bb as standard. This size balances our goals and will not draw undue attention from others.

            As played, the tiny donk bet on the flop is polarizing, but I normally view it as a weak hand, often a pair like 1010,JJ or QQ or a drawing hand like KQ diamonds or 89. Plus all the Ax hands. Raising will often win the pot for you. However, as Arty points out, most hands continuing will be the hands beating you. Whereas if you call, you keep the villain's range wide and the pot under control. This line can win you more profit from the hands you are beating on a later street. I prefer calling against most villains here. Any reads?

            When the villain 3bets, I suggest folding. You only have 2nd pair and will not be able to profitably call bets on the latter streets nor do you have much hope of improving with only 2 outs. So fold now and save a few cents.

            The turn pairs the board giving any 6x hand trips. Even though the bet is small, I prefer folding.

            Now the river is important. If we put the villain on a missed flush draw, then we are ahead, but he will most likely fold to a bet from you. Worse hands than yours will not call, nor will better hands fold. Check it down since you have showdown value. Mistakes on the river are costly.

            GL and have fun at the tables!

            Roland GTX



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