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NL5 Zoom 6max, river spot with a boat. Am I beating anything?

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  • NL5 Zoom 6max, river spot with a boat. Am I beating anything?

    Villain is 33/13 through 33 hands, playing 1 table. I think pre is fine, turn raise I like too on this texture as I can get value from a lot of draws and Ax. The min raise scared the heck out of me. I was thinking of folding on any non diamond/A river but then decided that as villain is probably recreational he could be betting with worse on the river. A8, A6, maybe a straight. Looking back on it I don't think I'm beating any value hand that bets pot (such a strong sign from a loose passive player) on the river. Against a reg I would fold the river and a rec I think a call is ok. Thoughts?
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    I think I would jam the rest in OTR. Villain could have a straight, AK, A8, A6, 64... You're beating a ton of hands IMO. You have a full house BvB, I think I would shove this river for value, there's enough out there that we beat. We lose to AA, 88, 66.


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      I agree with dirt. Blind vs Blind stack off ranges are usually pretty wide. If villain shows up with 88/66 or AA, I'd count this as a cooler, because I'm shoving the river against anyone but the nittiest of nut-peddlers. FWIW, I'd also raise the flop for value/protection. I'm not giving villain free cards to hit a better two pairs or a flush. (I'd also raise the flop with flush draws, expecting villain to fold anything wore than top pair).
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        ty for the input guys. I called the flop bet as his range is wide opening from the s.b. Risky I know as any club makes life hard. Thought it would be better to raise the turn against his air and get more value that way.

        Having said that had I raised the flop it would have made the later decisions much easier. Hindsight ftw.
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          Hi Paddy,

          I like raising the flop here too, but as played I'm comfortable 4betting the turn.

          I agree the river sizing is scary, but I think we can't fold a full house (Zeebo is right again ). The villain seems to be a poor recreational player and while we are certainly beat sometimes here, I can see him showing up with A8, A6, AK, 57 in a spot like this so there's enough combos we beat to call here imo.
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