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10NL ZOOM, set facing river 2x PSB SHOVE

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  • 10NL ZOOM, set facing river 2x PSB SHOVE

    I really don't like slow playing, and maybe this is why... BTN(65): 22/16/3.0 3-bet: 7.4 on 27 samples BB(65): 42/32/2.0 3-bet: 25.0 on 20 samples HM2 autorate: fish BB shoves for 2 x the pot... ever call here vs. a REC?

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    Hi dirt eh! Set mining by calling the 3b pf oop is fine since you are last to act, two villains and deep stacks. The flop is pretty dry. So, checking and letting the preflop aggressor c-bet looks good. However, when he bets and the bb calls, I pefer to raise to about $5. One or both players are likely to continue and you set up a nice situation to get stacks in on the turn. Enough players will stack off with one pair hands you are beating to make this profitable. As played, the turn makes the board more dangerous. Straights are possible although unlikely. The flush draw is more of a worry as either villain could have or . We need to bet the turn, both for value and protection. This is important. If a heart comes on the river you will not know if you are good, as happened here. We need to bet to protect our hand against this. On the flip side, if either villain picked up a draw, flush, or holding 77 or something, we need to bet now for value because they won't be putting more money in the pot on the river all the times they miss. This applies to overpairs as well. AA and KK will often stack off on the flop or turn, but won't put more in the pot when a scare card completing draws comes on the river. Thus, by foregoing two opportunities to build the pot by value betting, we find ourself in a very difficult spot on the river. I would be protective of my deep stack on the river and fold as played. Roland GTX


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      Roland! Thank you! I agree. I was going to fold but I decided against it. Nothing except for pocket 9s made sense to me. I can't see this REC over-shoving a flush or anything like that. I thought it was 2 pair or air.

      Villain shoved K5o. I will consider folding more in the future.



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