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10NL AJo multiway pot

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  • 10NL AJo multiway pot

    Anybody would have done smth differently? No information on villain(at this point).

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    First thing. I don't really like flatting AJo in the SB vs a UTG open and MP flat but it's ok.

    OTF: well played. I like the check call
    OTT: well played. We could also raise this turn if we want, with 2 pair.
    OTR: bad fold imo. I would call this 100%. We basically have top 2 pair. I think that there's enough hands out there that we're beating. We only lose to a set of 4s and QTs. (I would also think about leading this river instead of checking) This is either a BET/FOLD spot of a CHECK/CALL imo.
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      I called pre because I knew neither of them is a reg so they prob have pretty wide range there. On the river I tanked for long long time thinking that he prob has worse two pair, but villians play big pockets in very strange way too so might be set of As, Ks or Js(as well as 4s or Q10) although I have blockers. My first instinct was to fold when I saw that almost pot size bet so went with that..


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        Ya... I don't know. I mean it really does look like QT or KJ to me tbh. So maybe it is a fold but #ihatefolding.


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          Money saved is money earned


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            Looking at this hand again, I think we make a mistake by not raising this turn. I think we can raise OTT with basically top 2 pair, assuming that the villain didn't flat AK and we can fold to a shove. Reason why I like to raise the turn here is have a cleaner line in order to lead OTR.

            We could also just call OTT and lead the river. I think we played this hand too passively.

            I would raise to $2.25ish OTT and BET/FOLD the river for 1/2-2/3 pot.


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              I was a bit suspicious all the way that´s why I were so passive. Wanted to get to a cheap showdown.


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                Hey Amigo,

                vs a minraise and flat I prefer 3-betting from the SB as both ranges will presumably be pretty weak and our position is supbar vs a field. By calling we only give out free cards to 2 players and potentially the BB while having to act from the worst possible position without initiative.

                Once you call keep in mind that villains ranges could potentially be wider because of the minopen, so villain could be valuebetting something like A4 or KJ in this spot.

                I guess folding the river seems disciplined in a multiway pot, don't expect many bluffs but feel like villain could be betting some worse hands for value as described above.
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                  Thanks a lot guys!



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