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2NL FL JJ tough flop spot

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  • 2NL FL JJ tough flop spot

    Could I find a fold on the flop here? I'm not talking about him calling 3bet with 69o preflop...
    Last edited by Reetik; Mon Apr 07, 2014, 06:28 PM.

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    Do we know anything about him? It's a regular table rather than Zoom so unless he just joined we should know something about whether he can do this with random hands or if this is the first time he has done this.

    I dunno, whatever I usually think is normally the opposite of what the hand analysers say, at least that is how it feels, but I think I can find a fold here.

    If we include 44, 99, random 9x holdings and some overpairs and overcards (I have encountered villains spewing with big A hands here among other things) it still looks like a fold. Unless we know he is a spewtard then I think we can fold. I wouldn't be happy stacking off TT here and JJ is only marginally stronger on this board.


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      I'm with bhoy. I think my calling range here would be QQ+. When I have a hard descion with JJ I pretend that they are tens... So if you're not comfortable stacking off pocket tens here then I'd be folding jacks in this spot.

      Seem odd though for the villain to just jam over your cbet with 9x or pocket 4s... but who knows. Recreational players don't make the most sense sometimes...

      Last night I got stacked at 25nl when a villain opened the button for 8x and I had QQ in the SB... We got it all in pre and he had AA lol...


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        should you have folded yes when you bet and get reraised alarm bells should told you he had a 9 or something higher i wouldnt feel in a strong position calling with jacks there


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          Hi Reetik,

          Yeah, it seems like when we c-bet the flop this large, we look pretty strong, and his raise is going to be 44/9x alot imo, plus the occasional preflop slowplay with AA/KK. If we had reads he was an aggro-fish or seriously overvalued 1 pair hands then I would call this off, as I'd expect him to have a lot of smaller pockets and bluffs going crazy... otherwise without reads folding is ok imo.
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