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5NL 6-max Zoom - lost with 99 in SB

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom - lost with 99 in SB

    Villains unknown but quickly apparent OR clear fish. I just honestly didn't know what to do here. I kept levelling myself between BU trying to attack the fish or actually being strong. Decided he was being way too aggressive to be bluffing but I think I could have gotten away earlier. Advice on line and what villains bets mean (especially odd sizings I thought) appreciated.

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    Preflop looks ok. OTF I would just check fold. No reason to XC on this flop with our hand after there has been a bet and a raise. We are also OOP, so floating vs. 2 opponents is going to be hard in this spot.

    I would expect MP to have air or a small pair and the player on the BTN to have Kx.


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      The hand is just going to be awkward to play here. FWIW, I think we were behind on the flop (Possibly pre too) and agree with dirt eh that we can just fold. It feels nitty but at the same time there will just be so many more clear opportunities to get value when we are sure we have the best hand or are at least very likely to.

      Its awkward with the micro stack in the hand.


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        Hi guys,

        I agree with folding on the flop to this action. The times that we're behind and drawing to 2 outs (or dead), or are a small dog to 2 overs+nfd greatly outweigh the times we're ahead. And when ahead, we are both vulnerable and can't take much heat, meaning we are not likely to get this hand to showdown anyway. And we don't even close the action here. Abandon ship.
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          I'd fold flop even if it goes bet-call, let alone bet-raise. Generally speaking, you should only be seeing a turn card with an underpair if you're heads up. I'd fold QQ/JJ in this spot, especially without a flush blocker/backdoor in hand.
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            Originally posted by Fadyen View Post
            I kept levelling myself between BU trying to attack the fish or actually being strong.
            Hey, Fadyen - still remember that call you made with the 55 at the FT of the 2013 Tournament of Champions to win Player of the Year (Looks like they still haven't given you your Championship Banner yet! Where is it? ) ... such a sick call!! umbup: Can see why you would think that about the button - like maybe a big hand like AA or KK might have raised $0.28 pre-flop, rather than the min that the villain did here? And then post-flop, he only mini-reraised to $0.35 when the pot was $0.65 ... although the pot was multi-way, so ... yeah, hard to read on the flop ... Seems like you've got great instincts - along with Dave's tips, hopefully the variance'll start improving for you soon umbup:
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