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2nl Folding Aces on the river

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  • 2nl Folding Aces on the river

    Hey, Here is a river spot I just had, I have no stats on the player: I fold in the end. What are the opinions on this. It's only 0.22c to call which are pretty good odds, but that means I have to be beating at least something. I dont think a J would do this.
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    Biger on flop about 10-12 ct. On turn is scary card for us i`dont know if somebody worser will call us maybe TT JJ i migth think abou X/C. A splayed on the river withou Q eazy fold. Its most honest street.

    Oh and if there wasnt Q on Turn I would bet 23ct. Bet biger (¬75%) with TP and beter.
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      I actually thought the flop bet is pretty well sized. It's a dry board, with this sizing he can call with a 9 or 6 or some other pair he has. And he can call with weak Q's.

      If I made it 12c I think most of those hands are folding.

      On the turn I'm probably sticking with that sizing unless we have a T or J that also makes flush draws possible.


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        12 maybe. But 11 would be perfect.

        People more sencitive to they beting size than the villains. Becaus think how long takes to count, and how ofen you know exacle how mutch off pot wilain is betting ? Maby you get 1-2% more folds thas all . If vilain bets 50% or 75% usualy their range the same you can run through you player pool and you get like: 10% 2Pair or better 40% Top pair or over pair 15% other pairs 5% DRAWS 30% air. The diference is tha smaler bets weaker players. So no wories ish somebody might exploit you. If you bet 80% or more when you will get more folds. Against some callin station you maigh bet 85% or even pot.

        You loosing toon with bet ting 50. Look
        Lets sai standart pot 6BB (usuali is 7) you beting 50% eatch street you get
        6BB 3+3 =12BB 6+6=24BB +12 +12=48BB
        You bet 75%
        6BB 4+4 =14BB 10.5 + 10.5=35BB 26+26 87BB (maybee on river you shuld bet smaller depends on texture and so on.

        sou diferences huge you win ¬19BB les with your strong holding (ok you win not always lets say 75% so on averege you give away 14BB with you strong hands.

        so that 3cents in the end becomes 28cts.
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          Hey guys,

          I'll say c-bet .10c just to be controversial I do like sizing a bit larger on the flop though. A non-full sack (probably fishy) player is not folding top pair here for a single c-bet (nor should he), and I think we can still get called by 9x, TT, JJ. The board isn't totally dry either, straight draws abound. JT/87/T8 have 8 out straight draws, KJ/KT/J8/57 have gutters, and all these could potentially be in his preflop range (particularly suited).

          While this certainly isn't a great turn card, I prefer to bet/fold this spot... weaker players will be more likely to call again with JJ/TT/9x thinking the 2nd queen hitting means we probably don't have one, and I don't fancy giving the straight draws (or JJ/TT/9x) a free card.

          River value bet may be too thin, not sure... KJ/JT are likely paying us off. Everything else either got there or is folding mostly.
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            Someone sticking around to the river is usually going to bet if I check to them I feel. That's why I went for the ~1/3 pot size, as a sort of blocking bet to see showdown without putting much more money in.



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