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10 nl zoom 6 max, flopping well, gets trickier

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  • 10 nl zoom 6 max, flopping well, gets trickier

    I bet, cbet and tbet this which seemed to me a great hand on the flop but his calling could be tricky, I would fold to a check-raise or river shove as a 5 or T would be likely, still find it difficult to put villain on a hand. How about the betsizing? Do I have a reason to fear the straight here? Villain is REC and I find it hard to put him in any hand, could be any face cards, no idea what he is calling with. Am I being too careful here or missing value?
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    I think here we are betting too small post-flop.

    Personally, on this wet a flop, I would be making it 66-75% pot on flop and turn and a little smaller on the river to get called by two pair type hands.

    I'm not really sure what he was calling with that wasn't able to call river unless it was just total air.

    EDIT: Not actually sure about betting river now, hard to see what we can get value from other than a set, or an overpair, but I tend to think they get more aggressive at some point in the hand unless a total calling station.
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      I normally check back this turn and bet river if checked to, is that a decent line to take?


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        Yep bet bigger OTF, (if you are going to bet turn), bigger OTT, and I think river is a pretty easy check back given the board.

        We are never getting 3 streets on this runout.


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          At lower stakes you're probably fine for a bet fold on the river. But at 10nl I can't see any worse worse hands calling.


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            Hi mr mendes,

            Yes, bet bigger OTF.

            We are allowed to check back this turn. It's a pretty bad event for our range as a whole, and it will make it harder for our target hands (like top pair) to call again while also exposing us to a check/raise from straights. If we hold QQ then getting c/r isn't a big deal, we ca just fold, but with 10 outs to pair the board on the river it's not so simple.

            As played, I don't hate bet/folding the river tbh... it's wafer thin though. We are targeting 77/66/98s/97s/76s basically, but in the hands of a REC player they might pay off a modest bet. No big worries checking back, it may be the best play anyway.
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              Thanks Dave!
              And thanks gang for sharing your thoughts.
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