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5nl zoom fullhouse on 4 to flush board

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  • 5nl zoom fullhouse on 4 to flush board

    villain is 19/15 wtsd 33, 90 hands Q1: should I bet the turn? Q1: how should I size the turn bet, how often can I shove? I don't really expect him to call a shove on that paired board even if he holds the As

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    I think I am fine with checking the turn, its a bittersweet card for us, our hand improves in an absolute sense but if we bet and get raised its one of those 'ah ****' moments where we suspect we are behind but don't want to fold. It also disguises what we are holding to an extent.

    His WTSD is a little above mine, I'd like to think I get away if you shove, but make an annoyed call to the bet size you made it.

    I think you played the hand well.


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      Hi Praydk,

      I like checking back turn. A spade is a really bad card for us. If we bet, what worse hands will call? What better hands fold? My plan is to check back the turn and go for a thin value OTR on a blank if they check to us to get value from Qx and maybe even fold if they bet big OTR; The point is, any one pair in their range is too thin to bet for value imo and they would want to check to showdown so when they bet we can assume they are betting for value with a flush since they would check otherwise. For that reason, when they do bet this river I want to raise big because they can call with a flush - we can go for a slightly bigger bet say 1.8-1.9 but I don't like shoving because the Ks and Qs are already out there which makes the likely hood of them having a flush and get sticky with it improbable. I want to size it to get called from their JJs/TTs and As

      EDIT: they are on the high end of their WTSD stat, so I think a bigger bet size would work in our favor (but again consider the fact that the Qs and Ks are on the board)



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