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2nl zoom TPTK on wet board

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  • 2nl zoom TPTK on wet board

    button is 12/7 over 1k+ hands the opener is unknown Can we squeeze here? can we squeeze if the opener was in MP/CO? Is flatting better than raising otf? In the hand I put him on some JT(s)/any flush draw because of his sizing(is that correct?) Should we check the river once the turn is called, if so do we x/c or x/f?

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    Calling pre is certainly fine, but against an unknown and a tight button caller I'd mostly look at denying them a flop with a strong hand OOP preflop.

    As played I think that check/raising may be overplaying our hand strength against an unknown UTG openers c-betting range vs 2 opponentns. I like check/calling and taking it from there.

    If you go for 3 streets here after check/raising you may end up valuetowning yourself against KK/AA and sets while not extracting any more value from worse.
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      I'm just wondering if he had something weird like A3h/63h that backed into a straight after calling down on the flush draw. Both would be very light opens UTG though.

      Only sets that make any sense are Q/9/2 as if he made a set with the 4 or 5 that is pretty horrific play from him.

      A lot of 2NL villains are atrocious players so I still think he can be overvaluing TPGK type hands here or making an attempt at a bluff on the river, as bad as that would be.

      I think pre, the call is fine, squeezing is an option but villains call too much at 2NL so we will be likely to be playing an already inflated pot OOP. It probably gets rid of BTN who should have a middling PP I would imagine. I think I just call down on this board to be honest. As played, if we are going to lead the river, I think we just shove rather than bet/call. Same result regardless but it just feels less icky when we commit the money ourselves instead of having to call off that little bit extra fearing the worst.

      That's probably horrible though.



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