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5nl FR Zoom - TT

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  • 5nl FR Zoom - TT

    Hi guys, Could you please analyse my hand below. The stats on the guy were as follows: VPIP/PFR/AF 20/7/0.8 76 hands What made me fold was the fact that his aggression factor is so low. So when he raised me on the turn I believed him with a stronger holding. I just believed he had the nuts KQ. I called his raise on the turn hoping to boat up. Anyone calling the river? Was I being to hasty? Cheers, Matt
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    You played this hand very well!

    Your preflop raise should be bigger because of the limper, I'd make it 4BB, 3x + 1BB for the limper.

    You've got a pretty decent sample size on this guy and you know he's generally very passive, both pre and post flop, so when he takes the min check/raise turn and pot river line, this is very indicative that he has a super-strong hand and he's trying to extract value.

    Everything about the way he played this hand is consistent with KQ. He might also play 99 like this, but there are simply way more combos of KQ than of 99, so I think you made a tough, but good fold.


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      I wouldn't completely discount 55, as it's common for players to limp small pairs UTG, but the turn check-minraise usually reps the absolute nuts. Calling to try and boat up is fine. Easy fold on river. Well played Matt.
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