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5NL 6max - open AJo hj, sb call - Ridiculous over bet turn

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  • 5NL 6max - open AJo hj, sb call - Ridiculous over bet turn


    I watched a PSO Poker Bites video on over betting:

    My question is, did I correctly apply the concept here? My notes / thoughts were "are you calling me with 9 outs"?

    I'm so surprised to get called as the pot odds 2:1 OTT for 1 card have been removed by my over bet shove. I mean the 65c pot with 1 card to come is irrelevant when I jam.

    There are a points in the video about a guessing game and polarized bets? I just think the villain thinks I'm bluffing and can hit two flush turn draw card?

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    You don't actually have the nuts here so I don't know how much I like the shove, I definitely think a raise in order.

    Having said that, we do have the probable nuts, and we can get called by worse a lot of the times at these levels. Less at 5NL than 2NL but still enough.

    And you don't need to worry about balance or any of that stuff at these levels, so I would never do this with air unless we have a very solid read that the person we are trying to bluff is actually capable of folding.

    Inb4, balanced check-calling range polarized merged raising-range capped-range etc.


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      I'm not sure if I like raising turn too much here as we..

      a) dont hold the nuts
      b) could be facing a lot of redraws if called
      c) could just fold out most worse hands as even recreational players can see us playing a J this way

      So shoving as an overbet puts us in a particularly tough spot overall I'd say and I would much rather call to make a better decision on the river.
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