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2NL AA lose vs river flush, 2 pair lose vs river flush

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  • 2NL AA lose vs river flush, 2 pair lose vs river flush

    Question about this one is: Should I have just checked the river or the bet was correct? And I guess my bet was too little on the turn. Here I raised from the button with intention of stealing the blinds since everybody had folded before me. I get one caller and you see what happens next. Should have this been an obvious fold on the river or the call was fine?

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    IMO. Both hands are well played.

    First hand: You will be getting paid off here by worse but you'll also be beaten here, so the bet is for thin value but there's enough hands that will call to make this bet profitable imo.

    Second hand: There are plenty of other 2 pair type hands that we are beating that will take this line. Good call.


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      Hi Reetik,

      In future please only post one hand per forum entry, you can make multiple forum entries if you wish, it makes is much easier for us to talk about the hands!

      Hand 1 is very close as to whether you should check back the river or bet for value. In close spots like this, especially at the lower stakes where the player pool is weaker, I would tend to err on the side of value betting quite thin. The Q on the river has made it possible for villain to have rivered a flush, but he might have also made a stronger hand that he won't fold with QJ, KQ, Q9, AQ and he still probably won't fold any of the other Jx he held because he'd feel committed to the pot so I think you made the right play.

      Hand 2 - I like your sizing on all streets and I also like your call on the river. Like dirt eh says, he may have just made a two-pair hand or might be making a block bet with his flopped/turned made hand that he wants to protect against now the flush draw has come. However if villain had done something like moving all in, I'd probably err on the side of folding as this would be the play that is very typical at the lower stakes when someone makes a nutty hand.



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