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NL 10 6max ZOOM Set OOP Turn Bet size? Rivered scary card.

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  • NL 10 6max ZOOM Set OOP Turn Bet size? Rivered scary card.

    Vilain Unknown more likely reg What my turn bet size should be? (wanted to bet 1/2 need to chek hotkeys setings) My goal is to charge Flush draws + Straith draw (about 45combos) , but I want to keep in pot weak KX (K9+ KXs) combos (about 80 combos) in range. And river as played i thing would be X/C if Villain bets <=50% X/???? if Villain bets 50%-70% X/F if Villain bets >70% But now Im thinking maybee the best would be standart like flop raise 12 BB. Turn 24BB and river X/F or all in.
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    Preflop and flop are fine, imo
    I do believe the turnbet should be much bigger like 60-70% pot to charge flushdraws. I don't think most Kx will give any more value OTR. KQ, K4, K7 will call anyway. AK probably will too

    In your case, on river I would bet smallish, like $2.25 and fold to (any) raise.

    If you had bet $2 - $2.2 OTT, the pot on the river would be smt like $6.5-$7 and you can shove the river without overbetting the pot.


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      As played...
      OTF: 1.20
      OTT: 2.00
      OTR: SHOVE

      How I would play the hand...
      PF: 3B preflop to 0.90
      PostF: BET, BET, BET


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        Hey A Beatmaker,

        preflop both calling and 3-betting can be options depending on who sits in the BB. If BU & BB are unknowns or if BB is a recreational player and does not squeeze a lot I also prefer flatting.

        Flop check/raise is a great option looking for value from Kx and draws so I'd like to go big here with 1,20-1,40. Same applies for the turn, I'd bet way bigger here so you set up a shove OTR.

        As played your advantage with the samller sizes on previous streets probably is that you can still bet/fold for value against AK as only flushes should shove the river here.
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