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2NL, zoom, AKs, top pair + big draw on the turn

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  • 2NL, zoom, AKs, top pair + big draw on the turn

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    What did I do wrong?

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    I would sometimes just flat-call UTG's open, but since it's a minraise I think 3-betting to isolate someone that is probably a weak player is fine. It's a little concerning that UTG+2 immediately cold-calls your 3-bet. He should usually have QQ/JJ/AK (and no speculative hands), but will sometimes be getting tricky with KK+ hoping the original raiser 4-bets.
    Post-flop, you have TPTK in a big 4-way pot. Committing to stacking off is fine. Villain will show up with AA/QQ sometimes, but I think you have to get it in, especially on the turn when you pick up lots more outs if you're behind.
    As it turns out, the caller is crazy. He did not have the right odds to call with his weak flush/gutshot combo draw on the turn, but he got lucky. You'll be printing money in the long run when you make this play against him, since he had about 25% equity on the turn. Three times out of four you win, so you didn't really do anything wrong.
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      I think you played this hand fine.

      I think flatting preflop vs a min-open would be a mistake that just entices a load of people to call, most of whom you'd be out of position against.

      I like your sizing on the flop and turn, I think you can commit to the pot now that you've picked up so much equity on the turn as well as already possibly having the best hand.

      This might have been a trickier decision if the turn had been a complete brick like the 2d or something. However at 2NL, I'd still be willing to stack off as villain probably won't fold his club draws or stuff like AJ/AT.


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        ak hand

        the best way is to check call the turn if the villian checks behind reevalluate the river dont overplay top pairs


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          You didn't do anything wrong in this hand. Hand is well played IMO.



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