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10NL ZOOM, AQs squeezed up OOP

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  • 10NL ZOOM, AQs squeezed up OOP

    I get myself into some serious trouble here... MP(4):75/50/0.3 (playing on mobile) BTN(14):31/8/0.0 Both are more or less unknowns.... 4 hands and 14 hands. I decide to squeezed up AQs here. I was going to make it $1.50 but opted for $1.20 OTF: Not sure if I should have cbet this board... OTT: I only have 7.99 left and the pot is 9.55... BAD SPOT to be IMO. Shove? Check fold?

  • #2
    I seriously don't know why you are cbetting here. It just smashes a 3b/calling range.

    Given we bet flop on the turn i think we should shove with the NFD. I don't think we can x/fold.


    • #3
      I'm ok with the squeeze bet size. It sucks with 2 callers on that flop. I'm half with birdayy on not to cbet but... we have equity and can isolate one player to see a good turn card.

      Well now we do, so I qualify and committed.


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        I agree with the others that the flop CBet isn't a great idea. You're multiway up against ranges that probably include a lot of suited and high cards, which aren't going to go away on this flop texture.

        However I disagree with birdayy that we have to GII OTT once you chose to CBet the flop. I don't think you're going to get two folds very often. When you get called, the only hands you have any kind of decent equity against is AJhh/AThh which is just two combos. Against everything else you're going to be at least a 75/25 dog.

        So I'd just check/fold. If both villains put you all in, then you're getting 2.87:1 on a call which is not quite good enough to call given our likely equity of somewhere between 18-22%.



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