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10NL ZOOM, AKo facing a turn shove

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  • 10NL ZOOM, AKo facing a turn shove

    Just wondering how you would deal with this turn shove? Would calling here be +EV or -EV? UTG(4):75/25/2.0 (UNKNOWN) BTN(151): 20/14/1.4

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    What was your plan when you called the flop raise?


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      If we didn't have the BDNFD i'd probably fold flop. Villains don't get out of line here often at all (cold call mp vs utg 3b and raising a K67 flop? yeah, he has a set very often here).

      I think a half decent plan is to get it in OTT if it's a A, K or spade. If not fold. His line is so consistent with a set.


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        I completely agree with Bird. It's fine to call the flop with the prettiest card in the deck in your hand and the Ks on the board, but the nut blocker is pretty useless when villain crams it in on a blank turn. 77/66 are so likely that this is a snap fold for me. The only remotely likely hand you beat is . So there's one combo you beat, and 6 that have you drawing dead. That's a fold.
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          Thanks boys, yes I called OTF with the BDNF. So the plan OTT was to XCAI with any A, K or spade. When the 3 of clubs rolled off and the villain instantly bet almost pot, it made me really think more about the hand. I know that he could have called preflop with 66-77 but that's kind of bad... He's getting close to 15 to 1 so I guess it's not that bad. I just found his bet sizing large and bluffy. I mean regardless what ever he bets OTT I'd be committed but the large instabet made me think he wasn't really that strong.

          I actually thought that he could have been over playing some weird Kx combos like KQ. I just feel like KQ, AK type hands were more likely to be in his 3B CC range than 66-77 at the time of the hand. I did tank for quite awhile here...


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            The others have summed this up quite nicely, I'd be pretty worried when a TAG villain raises in a MW pot on a flop like this and his sizing is also very concerning. I disagree that it's large that looks bluffy, it's only just above a minraise, I don't think he's wanting you to go away too quickly.

            This isn't a maniac loose/passive fish that's cold-calling your 3Bet pre. This is a slightly more passive version of a typical TAG. So when the UTG guy still has to act, so I'd expect him to have a load of Pocket Pairs, AK and not much else. So when he raise your CBet with the UTG guy still to act, I'd expect him to be bluffing close to zero % of the time.

            This means that we're either chopping with AK or we're crushed against 77/66. I don't see how the having the As or trying to hit an A/K on the turn is going to help - we're going to face a turn shove almost always when only have a bluffcatcher and we aren't getting good enough odds to call when he has a value hand. In fact, us having the As makes it even less likely that villain is bluffing because he can't have stuff like AQss/AJss.

            We're not even at the top of our range, therefore I'd just fold this flop and as played, I'm certainly folding turn.


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              I was saying his TURN sizing was big but it doesn't matter because I didn't have much money behind. Anyway yes I felt like he should have a set here 100% of the time, but after I tanked for a while I decided that this guy shouldn't have 66-77... Don't know why I thought this but I did, so I called. I spiked a K OTR and then pot came my way. I definitely didn't think that this was a +EV play just wanted to see if everyone was on the same page as me.

              Villain had 76s... (what he's doing in there with 76s on the BTN... not too sure)



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