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.2/.5 fr nlhe

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  • .2/.5 fr nlhe

    I was a bit tilted when that hand happened, but I think my line still made sense to represent any fullhouse that there can be.. I would have folded AA there if I was him 100%. Do I just hope my opponents are better than they really are or my logic is off?

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    I have one really big question, WHY DID YOU DO THIS?

    PF: Opening KTo from the HJ is a little loose in my books tbh. I would never call a 3bet OOP with KTo, so I think calling this 3bet is a huge mistake.

    OTF: Just X fold here. The board is really dry.

    The way that you played this hand makes it look like you've missed a flush. I don't think anyone is folding an OP here vs your line. Your line is either a flopped boat, ie pocket 3s or air. Also your bet OTR is really big for boat and it doesn't really make too much sense for you to have 3s full of jacks. Also trying to represent JT doesn't make much sense with your line as most player would XR ott with the flush draw out there.

    You're playing 5NL, no one is folding AA at 5NL.


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      I am folding AA there and I´m playing .1/.2 usually (new to cash games) I think I could easily have there 33/55/1010, but yeah, like I said I was tilted and that´s how I got to the flop (only thought was to bluff him out of his overpair) and the rest is history... Thank you for your opinion, let´s wait for analyzers answers


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        So you're calling PS bets with TT ATW on this board? I just don't think your line makes sense. I wouldn't bluff at the lower stakes, people don't fold at the lower stakes.

        OTR you hit a T... and now you have showdown value in case the villain was firing twice with AQ of diamonds or something. But once this villain bets pretty much POT OTF and OTT, this should make you believe that he's not folding.

        I'm not trying to upset you, I'm just saying that there's no reason for fancy play at the micros. Just play straight forward and you will be able to make a profit.

        You have to get into the mind of the villain also... What does he see? he sees AA and JJ... he has 2 pair, he's doesn't care what you have. He probably doesn't even try to put you on a hand, all he knows is that he has Aces and Jacks. Also, you don't think he can have Jx? There's no way that he's folding Jx OTR.
        Last edited by dirt eh; Thu Apr 03, 2014, 09:19 AM. Reason: forgot the word not in the upset you sentence...


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          About the 1010.. I just added that, mostly thought about 33/55, on the flop would call his c-bet with 55 for sure.
          And about the showdown value.. He has overpair there everytime so the 10 no help.

          But yea, you are right I shouldnt really overrate my opponents on these stakes and keep it simple


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            I don't think I would even open KTo here I might open KTs but I am folding to the 3 bet unless I had reads that he 3 bets super light. OTF when you check call, I am giving you a flush draw or a worse 2 pair, in the micros I would expect a x/r from all the stronger hands.

            Tilt kills bankrolls if you feel yourself tilting just stop playing until you can come back focused.

            disregard me saying I might open KTs for some reason I was thinking this was 6 max.
            Last edited by FireMedic815; Wed Apr 02, 2014, 11:13 PM. Reason: thought this was 6 max
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              Yea, I stopped playing after that hand. And at that point it was 6handed


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                Don't bluff at 5NL - it doesn't matter what you're trying to represent, most people won't fold their strong hands even if you are repping something super-strong

                Opening KTo is a bit too loose for my liking, you're often going to get action from dominated hands and you'll often be OOP. I think you know that you should have folded to the huge 3Bet, but I doubt you were thinking too clearly at this stage as it seems that tilt had grabbed you a bit.

                I think your line might work against some villain types, but you've got to remember who you're playing. Most villains at this level aren't really ranging you or paying too much attention to what you're doing, if they've got a strong hand, they're not going to fold. When villain makes a huge 3Bet pre and basically pots it on flop and turn, he's not going anywhere no matter what you do.

                Like dirt eh said, this does look like a missed flush draw as well as possibly a TT that just got there or some Jx that you were slow playing.

                If you're feeling tilted, just take a break and come back to the tables once you've calmed down a bit!



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