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25NL JJ MW Flop decision

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  • 25NL JJ MW Flop decision

    I decided to flat call, to keep V6 in who was playing 56/30 af 1.5 (500h). V2 was playing 17/14 af 3.0 (350h). When I did hit my set for bonus and NIT did bet vs missed CB (first time I noticed him doing that and in 4way pot), I was sure that he has a set or hi FD. Before he did also bet larger when had air and small with monsters on dry flop to induce. So I went for my standard line and raised on the flop. But by doing that, I lost a fish, who was a reason for flat calling on the first place. Should I slowplay on the flop to try to keep him in? If V2 has 33 or 77, then money is going in anyway on the later streets (except when flush hits, that's why I raised).

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    I think you're being results oriented here. You turned quads and you stacked 1 villain for 100bb. NICE HAND.

    The way that you're explaining the hand in regards to V2 having a set... then yes you can flat, but if V6 or V1 have flush draws, then flatting allows the other villains to suckout. Flatting also brings scare cards for V2. Lets say a spade comes OTT, then we may not be getting their entire stack.

    I think what you could have planned to do is raised V2s bet to a smaller amount! You raised 3.44x his bet! IMO you should have made it somewhere between $3.15 and 3.75. This would have been your best option OTF.

    As played I would raise as you did OTF but not so big!


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      Hi Mint,

      Personally I think we are making a mistake not 3-betting preflop here. The desire to play a pot with V6 is good, but flatting here is not the best way to go about it. If the guy were in the BB or something, ok, but he's the PFR. So consider that:

      1) Although you don't state F3B for him, I would expect a 56/30 isn't going away too frequently preflop once he raises.

      2) Your desire is shared by V1 and V2, by flatting you're allowing them a share of the V6 profits. As well as the blinds. And will have to play a multiway pot now.

      Yes when we 3b sometimes all will fold. It's not the end of the world, picking up 7.5bb without a fight. And the most common result will be that the fish will put more money in the pot out of position, and we will simultaneously thin the field some, maybe even get him HU... a great result.

      Post flop I think we should raise. What can V6 have to give us action if we just call? He's probably not checking a FD or big pair, and even if he was for some reason, I am certain a 56/30 isn't doing so to fold to a little action. So basically if we flat, we have to hope he takes one off light, then hope he improves the turn somehow. Playing on those hopes is fine if it's the only reasonable way to get some action on our big hand, but here it's not. You have another player with a full stack who has declared himself to have a very strong 2nd best hand or big draw, but who might be prone to slowing down on bad run outs. So go ahead and raise, take the sure thing.
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