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10NL ZOOM, 33 OOP facing a float then a turn raise

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  • 10NL ZOOM, 33 OOP facing a float then a turn raise

    So I got myself into a bad spot with 33 in the SB. Villain(156):26/19/1.7 ATS: 39 CO open: 29 BTN open: 61 Fold to CB: 30 HM2 autorate: loose passive I decided to 3B light with 33 in order to try and take down the pot preflop. OTF: I decide to continue, dry board. OTT: I turn a set and I fire again. When I get raised here, I guess I'm either facing a bluff, which I'm not sure what he's trying to rep or I'm drawing dead to the case 3... I decided to call and reevaluate OTR. Would you consider folding the turn here? Why do all the villains have serious cases of FPS at 10NL zoom?
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    I don't know that you're drawing dead, from the co I'd expect to see a good bit of top pair type hands A J KJ QJ JT and over pairs QQ KK AA. I don't know why he raises ott with those hands his over pairs rate to be ahead and his jx hands have showdown value unless he was afraid you might back into hearts or didn't want to see an A OTR.

    I would think all his stronger hands like JJ 88 and 44 would be content to just call and shove river. the only hands that make any sense to me to raise ott is his weaker Jx and holdings that he turned into a bluff and his air AK, AQ, AT that are just stabbing and might catch an over card OTR. I guess he could potentially have semi bluffed T9

    You know me dirt I always put them on the wrong hands

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      I guess I wouldn't do too much different from what you did.

      I've a habit of shoving big hands though and may well have done that on the turn as I think he can be taking this line with a draw.

      Does HEM really autorate him as loose passive? His stats dont seem that out of line with the majority of the player pool which I wouldnt deem to be loose passive. Mostly nits, aggrotards and randomers.


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        Yes he's loose passive due to his aggression factor being below 2.0. I don't think shoving this turn is ever a good idea... I would only be shoving JJ and 88 OTT here.

        Just a note, there's no reason for this villain to take this line with a draw! I'm giving him 3:1 on both streets.


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          Hi dirt,

          I am not folding. Too many times I see players getting cute with QQ, T9, back door hearts, etc... especially villains with an aggressive stealing nature, as this guy is.
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