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5nl FR Zoom - AK 2pair

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  • 5nl FR Zoom - AK 2pair

    Hi guys, Could you please analyse my hand below: Too many villains entered the pot for my liking. Maybe on the flop I should have fired a pot sized bet, although I can't price them all out. Would anyone have bet the turn? Do you think that I could have been called by worse? No stats on villains I think I maade the right decision The pot is 4.96 and villain shoves all-in with 2.59, and so I have to be right just over 35% of the time, which could be a close call if you think villain in this spot could have a weaker two pair. f you think that villain has made flushes only and sets, then I believe I would have around 10% equity in this spot. Also villain is not scared of what we might do in this multiway pot i.e. call his shove, so I believe he is shoving for value trying to get maximum. Cheers, Matt
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    hi Matt,

    normally I hate c betting in a multiway pot this is a bit different, we have a pretty strong hand. vs 4 other players QT is a valid concern, I took AA and KK out of their ranges because we hold blockers to both and I think we would have heard from them pre flop so the only set I am giving on the flop is JJ. With all that I think c betting is the best option. I really don't want to give a free card on a draw heavy board multiway.

    When they both just call I am not so sure they hold QT unless its the QT of spades and they are slow playing, I am not automatically giving v7 a flush here either he only had a little over pot left and may have shoved to give a single Q of spades worse odds I don't know what his cold calling 2 bet range is but if he has a flush it should be like QJs and QTs maybe JTs I think he has a lot of AJ KJ AK type hands he can also have JJ but with that range I think stacking off here is fine.

    this is the range I gave v7 JJ,AKs,AJs,KJs,QTs,QsJs,JsTs,AKo,AJo,KJo,QTo+

    just my thoughts

    John AKA FireMedic815
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      Cheers John

      I appreciate the advice.




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        not really advice, just my thoughts I don't feel I should be giving advice. I have a lot of leaks to plug before I can do that.

        and thank you for posting, these exercises help me as much as they do you.

        I threw in the QJo hand that peeled with bottom pair and picked up equity on the turn with the Q of spades and is now semi bluffing.
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          I think if we check it should be with the intention of calling, especially vs a non-full stack likely fish.

          We don't block semibluff shove hands so he may shove with AxQs etc.

          It's very close though and I think folding isn't bad by any means.


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            Hi Matt,

            Given that the villain is fishy I would probably bet/call it off to him and bet/fold to V2, $1.50-$1.75. I think it's important to bet the turn as there are a number of worse hands that can and will give us action right now but might benefit from a free river, or be scared by a bad river. All the QsX, JsX, and TsX hands benefit, while the Ax and weaker 2 pairs might get scared. I still perceive value to be had from the fishy player's Qs/Ts/Js/AJ/A9/KJ/K9/Ax hands.

            Gross spot, but this is how I'd proceed with it.
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