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tricky played KK/set , 5nl zoom

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  • tricky played KK/set , 5nl zoom

    player5 will get his short in with Ax anyway(and beat me on Axx)... so i didnt see much value in stacking him preflop as i was in position and could see if flop is Axx and i wanted also to draw in the bigstacker... OTF he cant have much exept diamond A ... so i left him to bluff or hit some trips... which he didnt... unfortunately.... and i guess he had nothing all the way.... so i just jammed OTR, dont think i missed any value as he folded fast...

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    There is definately value in raising preflop! If you are correct that Player 5 will get his stack in light, then we want to bet now. Also, we don't want to get a string of callers creating a tough postflop situation with KK. Calling to induce a deep stack to follow along works best when you are in late position and not risking getting a tablefull of callers.

    On the river, I think you missed some value with Player 3. Jamming gets you value owned by folding out most of his hands. Yet, he has called bets on every street. I think there is a reasonable chance he will call a half pot bet on the river.

    Roland GTX


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      true i just tried to trap for first time... cuz i always bet bet here and always get foldz... and not to tell that im beat by A9 A8 OTR so bad jam by me mb



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