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2$NL 6-max KhKd What do you do on villain's shove ?

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  • 2$NL 6-max KhKd What do you do on villain's shove ?

    Villain_1 VPIP 61 PF 8 AF 2 (2/1/5) 81 hands How do you deal with a super loose player.... Do you call this shove ? How high do you have to estimate his bluff percentage in a spot like this ?

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    first of all, u giving him incredible awsum odds to just call and hit better hand cheaply.... so he most likely did hid his flush or 6... so easy fold given that he jams 1.20 into 60c pot ... only hands u beat are Qx or some 88 99.... so u should bet 30c or 34c into pot of 34c 3-way, u are most likely best hand here, though against 2 flats sometimes u wouldnt...anyway.....if u potbet u will most often get atleast one call on such wet board 46 gives some straight oportunities, theres flush draws,, and also some A6 hands... but still even if u potbet and the turn completes flush and also twips... then it can be a fold vs. 2NL calling stations which dont make agression without atleast twopairs... i guess pot will be around 90c then and he will jam 1$... so thats kindof close , but i think it would be best to fold... if u had KK with then u ofc can call even that 1$ jam into 90c.. but it still would be fold if he jam 1.20 into 60c. so basically in 2NL most often u must fold if they bet at you back, because they gonna have atleast 2pairs especially in zoom.... in reg tables... if u make few bluffs and tilt someone and they might start to give u action even with shit hands, or hands that u beat , etc ... then itz whole different story
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      Hi betsizer,

      I think there is a better way to play this hand against a weak opponent of 61/8.
      First I would raise larger preflop. Make it 0.12 to go.
      Bet flop bigger, bet/fold turn, and plan to get the rest in on non clubs if they just call our turn bet. We are betting for value against all his Qx hands.


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        thank you for that
        yeah I'm having such a period again that I loose a lot of big pots and all people seem to suckout against me
        But reading your comments, perhaps I am calling this onto myself
        I see my betsize was completely off. Normally I would bet near pot against 2 opponents.
        So if I am doing that in a lot of spots, it might just explain why I have so many bad beats lately (and this one I don't consider bad , btw, I did fold the hand)



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