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2NL 6-max AcKd what do you do on the river ?

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  • 2NL 6-max AcKd what do you do on the river ?

    Villain_3 VPIP 62 PF 17 AF 4 (5/8/2) 68 hands One additional stack, that might be interesting. Villain_3 has 3-bet PF of 10 Would you call or flop..... (I like the mind games)

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    This is a deep stack situation. I would not 4bet with AK here because getting it in with >150bbs with just Ace high will probably not yield a profit. Though the villain is a weak opponent playing 62/17, they seem to play their top 6-7% aggressively. And we want to keep their AQ/AJ hands in and not flip with QQ-TT for 150bbs. Also a note on the 4bet sizing, I would go for a rule of thumb of 22bbs or 2 x their 3bet + 2bbs + 1bb when OOP. So if I had AA/KK here I would make it 0.3$, we can raise to a bigger size against a weaker opponent and especially when deep. So the rule of thumb applies to when we are 100bb effective and have a 4bet bluff range actually. I'm not sure why you check the turn and make life hard on yourself. I want to bet 3 streets for value with TPTK against a weak opponent and we can get away when they raise us.


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      Thank you.
      So if I understand correctly, this should always be a call, even from the shove ?
      Why did I check the turn, two reasons
      1. there is a tendency for those players to attack any sign of weakness. I mean that if I bet I will fold a lot of their mediocre hands out and loose value. DO correct me if I am wrong
      2. some measure of pot control as you said, this is deep stack and going all in with only one pair does feel uncomfortable



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