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2$NL 6-max QdQh multiway pot fold -raise - call ?

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  • 2$NL 6-max QdQh multiway pot fold -raise - call ?

    Villain_3 VPIP 38 PF 4 AF 1 total (1/3/1) 252 hands Villain_4 VPIP 15 PF 11 AF 3 total (4/2/2) 32 hands I found this an interesting spot. I wonder about my call on the flop. Should I have raised ? I did not do that because a. donkbet (although only 1BB) of villain 3 and b raise of that donkbet by villain 4 showing some measure of strenght So we arrive a the turn and get action again. Now... what do you do. Is your overpair to the board still good ?

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    to me it looks like player 3 has some type of one pair with a draw type hand 76, 86, 65. he can also hold some one pair no draw hands. and now on the turn player 4 really doesn't seem too strong he might have TT, 99, some 8x tbh I like a 3 bet here for value and re evaluate if raised. Flatting is an option too but we are pretty much letting 3 call and draw pretty cheaply. Just my opinion.
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      Hi betsizer,

      A 15/11 is a tight player. And players with a tight range can be very aggressive because they start with a strong range OTF. I think this player should be able to squeeze with a few strong hands preflop. Hands like JJ+, AQ and maybe even slightly lighter to isolate the weak opponent in the SB. When he calls, I think we are looking at his medium strength hands and hands that play well MW. Hands like small to medium PPs, SCs, and low to medium suited Ax hands.

      The flop hits their set mining range: 88, 77, 55 - 66 might raise or might call so I'll include three combos of 66 the ones without a club
      PPs above TP: TT might 3bet preflop, so 99 could be raising the flop bet to keep us out from calling with two overs and outdraw them
      other SCs: T9s
      FDs: AcJc-Ac2c

      The turn actually gives us alot of information. It's an overcard and does not deter v4 from raising. I think many of the hands that raised flop like a pair + FD, TT/99 might now slow down. Especially after we have called behind which to them might look like two overs with a FD so now the hands that are left to raise are 2pairs, sets, straights, and AcJc so I like folding the turn imo as I expect them to bet river also and we can't get to SD.


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        what do you make of his sizing ott Geo? I know he raised the min bet but its only 1/3 pot. If he had a set or a straight don't you think he might want to bet bigger?
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          Well, that's actually a good point FireMedic; which could potentially affect our decision OTT. We can probably call this bet size but fold to a bigger bet but I think we are still folding when they bet rivers. But if you also look at the SB stack size. V4's turn raise is enough to get the rest of the SB's stack with less than a PSB OTR. Also, its 2NL - I don't want to sound condescending, but I mean there's just too few players at 2nl, even winning players, imo that would really think about bet sizings.


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            I didn't think you sounded condescending at all and I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.

            I know I am wrong a lot in these forums but I also feel I get more out of them by participating and putting my thoughts in text, than I would from just reading them. Please do not hesitate to correct me if I am wrong, I am trying to improve my game and I take all input as food for thought.
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              I did fold for a few reasons
              1. the tight player seemed like playing a very strong hand cause he did not mind a lot the overcard on the turn and he is imo clever enough to understand that I'm having a good hand when I call his flop bet
              2. the villain 3 player did call and did lead again. I know it is only 1 BB but I have seen this play enough to be careful. Either they fold to a raise (kind of probe bet I reckon or they use it to induce some betting

              In the end, I was surprised of villain 4's hand as he was playing 67 so having a pair and OESD on the flop that improved to an additional flush draw on the turn
              Villain 3 had a set of eights......but lost against a flush on the river.
              Glad I was railing that one

              Thank you for your input guys. Really appreciate the time you take



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