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25NL 6max - In sb QQ facing hj raise and 2 over calls, squeeze big - OMG

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  • 25NL 6max - In sb QQ facing hj raise and 2 over calls, squeeze big - OMG

    Just another strange zoom one. No reads / hud never seen player before. I have QQ in sb facing a raise and two over calls.

    Need to squeeze this up a bit!

    1) what do you think about the raise size?

    OMG now I get just about a click back.

    2) would you call or stack off now?

    My post flop play is horrible but - I lose to AA/KK and unlikely 99- considering pre flop action.

    So only AKhh or JJ/TT calls a 2 flush 9 high flop? Well who knows and quite surprised at the showdown.

    One of those you are happy to win.

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    If you are going to flat and then just open shove on any non-Ace/King high flop then I would just go with it pre to be honest.

    I don't like the open shove on the flop. I think we normally only get called by better, we obviously didnt here, I assume it was AKh or something like that, or random spew but I just think that line will often lead us to value owning ourselves.


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      I agree with bhoy if you're going to play it you can just get it in pre flop you don't have a stack big enough to set mine, so either you give him AA or KK and fold, or just get it in now. Unless you are planning a stop n go play. I guess you might be able to get KK to fold if an A hits the flop with a stop n go play, but I really don't think this is a good spot for that.
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        Hi Forrest,

        The preflop sizing is a bit heavy handed but I don't mind it OOP. Still I would make this more like 2.85.

        His 4-b sizing is nice. Once I 3b this large I'm not generally folding QQ, so the plan when we make this large 3b, for me, is to stack it off. If he decides to fold any light 4-bets, that's fine, the pot is big already. If he decides he's priced in that's fine as well, we get stacks in good. Calling pre is, I think, a bad option because you're leaving yourself susceptible to A) being drawn out on by his lighter action and B) being bluffed out of A or K high flops. Since QQ should have enough preflop equity to go with pre given the pot size, no reason to open up those doors imo.
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