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2nlz Top pair vs strange line

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  • 2nlz Top pair vs strange line

    unknowns just now in the replayer I noticed he limp/reraised when I saw the diamond river I had a feeling that he may pull off some bad bluff and shove, but still, I have shown strength throughout the hand im not sure he's bluffing limp/reraises should be strong usually AA/QQ comes to mind. Is there anything else in his range other overpairs+ ? What if he squeezed to that sizing instead of limp/reraising? Does that change much for the river decision?

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    I struggle with these spots. I am looking forward to what others say about this. To me his line really makes no sense, if he had a big hand wouldn't he want to bet bigger on the flop with two hearts out there? Then when he check calls turn and bombs river really the only hands that make any sense is if he backed into a flush ( unlikely imo ) or he took that line with TT or QT. I would have a hard time giving him A5 here. I think the rest of his range is busted heart draws and bluffs.

    I tend to pay off against these types of strange lines, I am working on finding more folds ( not easy to do ) I don't think I am losing too much but I could be winning more by folding to big river bets like this.
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      Hi pray,

      I think the fold is fine here, there's enough reasonable value hands he can be doing this with... QT, KQ/QJ/Q9dd, A5hh, 56hh, even TT isn't out of the question, since our flop raise and turn bet sizings were small (half the pot).

      The limp/reraise min-bet isn't likely to be very strong imo, AA/KK (KK didn't come to mind?) probably open raises or limp/rr larger pre, and also puts more $ in on the flop than just a min-bet .02c and calling a raise of only half the pot.

      It's possible we're getting bluffed sometimes here on the river, but I don't think often enough to feel like we're being exploited by folding to the shove.
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