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25NL ZOOM, QUADS missed value OTR

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  • 25NL ZOOM, QUADS missed value OTR

    I think I missed some value here... I'm positive that the villain has a Q here. Was there any point of me betting 1/2 to try and induce a XR OTR? Should I just bet POT OTR? Would you raise OTT? I still got paid, maybe I'm being a little greedy I've never played a hand vs either villain involved.

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    I find quads very hard to play, especially if they are a strong broadway card.

    If they drop on the flop, your opponent is only getting involved if they matched the spare or has a high pair like JJ+ but most likely a board pair is a scare just as a 4-flush

    I have had Quads plenty of times, most of the time it's ice cold, a couple of occasions I get a bluff/call/check/bet/fold but the only time I can remember being paid of is with FH

    You can take Quads two ways
    Either bet it strong from the start and hope they have a set/FH or you check/min bet it looking to get a value bluff on later streets

    It is hard to bet the nuts but quads is hard to trap with because it screams trips /FH unlike a flush or straight which you can still get some disbelief value from

    Hate quads, never get paid on them and would much rather have a set, even if I have to risk outdraws

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      tbh I think you missed value on the flop, you are in pos. and when checked to I think you get more value betting then slow playing. I know sometimes they all just fold especially when the pfrer doesn't c bet but I still think this is the street to try to build a pot.

      If I just got called and checked to ott I might check back to try and get some river value if I think they are going to fold to a bet ott.
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        Nice flop! The villains aren't completely unknown. We can tell from their stack sizes that they are most likely not regs. What do we know about this type of player? They tend to call to often....

        Preflop looks good. On the flop it checks to you. We can check or lead out. Against multiple opponents who are presumably weak, I would bet the flop half pot. We need to build the pot in order to win a big pot and nobody else is doing the betting. Pocket pairs and Ax hands will often call. Against a single opponent, or being oop, I would prefer checking. Yeah, our quads suck all the air out of the room, but the villains will not be too quick to believe we have the fourth K either.

        On the turn, you are facing a tiny 2bb bet into a 10bb pot. I would raise here to 6bbs or so. We have already passed up one street of value by checking the flop. We don't want to pass up another. We will be most profitable winning big pots some of the time rather than small pots most of the time. In other words, the goal here is not to get both villains to the showdown. The goal is to maximize our profit. Therefore, when the small blind raises, I would 3bet.

        As played, I like the half pot bet on th river. Calling passively every street then making a large river bet looks like a slowplayed monster. Betting half pot is more likely to get called. Had you 3b the turn, then a larger river bet would have fit better with our line.

        GL and have fun at the tables!

        Roland GTX



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