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5NL 6max Zoom | KJs in CO vs SB min 3bet & His Pot-Size Bets

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  • 5NL 6max Zoom | KJs in CO vs SB min 3bet & His Pot-Size Bets

    Hi, this is my first time posting a hand here so hopefully I won't mess anything up. I'd like to get some feedback on this hand, because I think I misplayed the turn. No info on SB, haven't played against him before. BB is a LAG 34/20 over 42 hands, no particular reads on him. He often calls pre-flop raise and folds to a flop cbet. Well, at least to this relatively small sample. Poker Stars $0.02/$0.05 No Limit Hold'em - 6 players - View hand 2462035 DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter BTN: $4.45 SB: $3.87 BB: $8.39 UTG: $7.12 MP: $5.08 Hero (CO): $6.13 Pre Flop: ($0.07) Hero is CO with K J 2 folds, Hero raises to $0.13, 1 fold, SB raises to $0.21, BB calls $0.16, Hero calls $0.08 Flop: ($0.63) 4 A 7 (3 players) SB bets $0.60, BB folds, Hero calls $0.60 Turn: ($1.83) K (2 players) SB bets $1.75, Hero calls $1.75 River: ($5.33) 8 (2 players) SB bets $1.31 all in, Hero calls $1.31 ---------------- Pre-flop: No reads on SB but since he doesn't have full stack I consider him to be weaker player. So I made the standard 2.5x open-raise from CO. SB min-3bets and BB joins the party. Looking at the small 3bet I think he either has some kind of a pair (eights, nines, tens, jacks) or AK/AQ type of hand. I don't think he has KK (i have a blocker too) or AA because imo he would 3bet way bigger. Flop: I hit a FD which is always nice but SB instantly fires a pot-size bet. He doesn't have a flush draw, that's almost for sure because I don't see him 3betting hand like T9s pre-flop (since Ace, King and Jack of spades are out of the deck). I don't think he has pocket fours but pocket 7's might be a possibility. The instant pot-size bet didn't make any sense to me, but it's a weaker player so weird plays are no surprise here. I just decided to call and reevaluate OTT. Turn: This is where I think I made a mistake. I have some showdown value here so I'm ahead of most of his pocket pairs that he might be holding. I'm still worried about a hand like AQ/AK though. I think I can either fold or shove it here but I called and don't really know why. But I know that he's going to ship it OTR. River: Great card since I hit my flush and as I expected, he shoves and I insta-call. Summary: Everything I've done post-flop was because of the min 3bet OOP pre-flop. I mean what's the reason to min 3bet if you're OOP? It's just 1.5bb for me to call. I know he 's a weaker player but even his gut senses should be telling him that I'll snap call 3bet like that. He doesn't need to be a pro to figure that out. If he raised something like 0.50$ i'd probably get the message that he's trying to say "You're beat dude, fold it". So the question is - how would you play the hand? Would you fold OTT? Do you think it's good to make conclusions based on min. 3betting pre-flop against weaker players? Thanks for any feedback guys umbup:
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    When you get a player that mostly calls pre and folds to flop c bet he is usually a beginning player seeing too many flops and just folding when he doesn't make a pair.

    His 3 bet is suspicious, he either doesn't understand bet sizing or he has a big hand and wants to keep you in or induce. Just given the information you provided I think he has QQ+ here pre flop and maybe some AK's in his range I would be very concerned about facing AA here a lot.

    If he is passive post flop, I think we can put him on AA or AK, he might bet one street with KK but I think he slows down when called, I don't know that he bets that big with a weaker draw than yours.

    The way the hand was played I think the turn is a fold, I don't think we have the right odds to draw to our flush even if you consider the implied odds if you hit and get the last of his stack.
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      I think this hand plays itself. You're not going to accomplish anything by shoving OTT. I think calling with the NFD is fine. If you had any other flush draws I would fold. It's close but this villain could have anything tbh. Min 3bet? Not fully topped up... Who knows what this guy is doing. I would also be happy with hitting a J or a K OTR vs this recreational player, so in that case I think we can call OTT.


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        Thanks to both of you, very helpful! I like how both answers differ. Seems that situations like these depend on a player. I don't think I completely misplayed this hand but I think that calling against weaker player like this is okay.

        @dirt eh: Yup, you're absolutely right that turn shove wouldn't accomplish anything, that would be a horrible play. Don't even know why I wrote that.

        By the way. The villain had 99 so he decided to go completely nuts.


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          Hi Xmind,

          I like your play here across the board. I think everyone's right that the only real dicey spot is the turn call (and shoving turn is bad). Assuming we get his stack on the river when we have the best hand, we need 26%, and it's close. We have almost 32% vs. AQ. Obviously we can have tainted outs like when he's got AK or AA, but his fishy preflop sizing and the read inclines me to believe he's got enough nonsense in his range that we are ok on the price. At least, never a big mistake either way.
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