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5nl FR Zoom - A5o in BB

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  • 5nl FR Zoom - A5o in BB

    Hi guys, Please could you analyse my hand below: what would you guys do on river? I am hoping this is just an unlucky hand, so to speak. Maybe I should have raised preflop, and also maybe not call the pot sized bet on Turn, but felt that I might have some decent outs, 5s (3outs), 4s (4 outs), I guess though they could be tainted outs, especially the 5s. Cheers, Matt
    Last edited by pullin1988; Thu Mar 27, 2014, 03:19 PM.

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    when the sb limps I think this is an auto raise, I would make it .20 at minimum. If called I would have c bet that flop. I might have checked back the turn because we now have showdown value and we could be dominated, and I hope you called the river. the only hand you are behind is 75 which probably doesn't get to showdown if you played it more aggressively.
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      So by unlucky... you're telling me that he had 57? Or did you fold? Look at it this way.... I think the raise is ok... but you're splitting against 5x except 57. I would have maybe made the raise OTR to 0.75 for some thin value. Your river sizing looks a bit bluffy, so I can see the villain jamming over your raise with 65, 45 ect... something that you're splitting against. As played I would just fold to his shove. You've invested 23bb. And you'd be calling to split at best.


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        Yeah villain had 57. I did indeed raise on the river that high for it to look bluffy (which appears to be a mistake), but what I didn't do was range his hand which cost me, and yes I did indeed call his all-in on the river.

        I went on a bit of auto-pilot - not really thinking, which is gonna cost me.

        Cheers guys for the advice.

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          Raise the limp to take control pre-flop.

          Since you checked pre, bet the flop when checked to. When the SB checks the flop in a BvB situation, they fold to a bet so often that you're basically printing money. I'd bet here with any two cards, but you have a gutshot and overcard, so it's mandatory.

          As played, just call the river. You'll win sometimes, lose sometimes and chop fairly often. When you raise and get shoved on, you're chopping at best.
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            Hi pullin,

            It's summed up pretty nicely already imo. My view:

            -Raise preflop
            -As played bet the flop
            -Call turn
            -I think calling or raising river is close, his pot sized river bet is probably a 5+ or a bluff, so it seems too thin. If we do raise river, I think it's certainly a fold to the shove, since we both have 5's in our range and villain does have 57, I think we are tied or beat here and not tied often enough to call for half the pot.
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