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10nl, 6-max ... Is this a spew?

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  • 10nl, 6-max ... Is this a spew?

    This was my third hand at this table, and I had not played with the guy in the BB before. He isn't a reg, or at least he is new to these tables is all I knew about him at the time. I know the 3bet pre with ATo is a bit loose, but lets move past that shall we? What I am trying to figure out is what is the correct thing to do on the flop here. I am happy with the actual result of the hand because *SPOILER* I won, but I haven't been very happy or sure about the play. I'm thinking that getting it in on that flop with my hand was bad unless it can be justified with range balancing or something, lol. I was thinking that his most likely hand would be a set, which I might get to fold, but if not then I had a lot of outs against. I gave a small chance to him having a hand like Ks9d or Qs9d or JJ/QQ with a spade which he might not want to fold (because I was thinking that the call from the BB pre was weak/odd). I didn't give much weight to him having a flush or straight already because, hey, it's hard to flop a flush or straight (heh) especially when I have one of the spades and a T. I know I could have already been drawing dead to a made straight flush, but I just turned a blind eye to that possibility. TT with a spade was certainly possible too. Anyways, what do you think should be done here? Hand without going past flop: Full hand: Thanks for any insights T Note: This hand was not played on Pokerstars (because I can't play for real money on PS due to being in the US), but I edited a pokerstars hand so I could use the replayer to show what happened in this hand. It is a real money hand.

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    I don't think is a spew at all. I actually don't mind your 3bet on the BTN with ATo…. I actually prefer it vs a flat against a CO open.

    OTF: you're open ended with the nut flush draw…. 15 outs vs. all sets and 7 outs vs made flushes. My goal here OTF is to get the money ALL IN THE MIDDLE!

    Well played!
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      Whole hand is played well.


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        I think its fine, I love the 3 bet vs the co steal attempt, and when the bb flat calls with no reads I would put him on a JJ+ AKo AQs type of holding, we can probably take AA and KK out of his range but lets leave them in. on that flop you are actually a favorite vs all his over pairs, and you still have 40% equity if for some reason he called with a hand that makes a set there. I am glad to see you elected to shove instead of call his 2 bet on the flop, you have enough equity vs his entire range to just get it in there.

        I hope you took notes and labeled him as a beginning player, K2s is a pretty horrible hand to flat a 3 bet oop.
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          Oh, thanks all. Maybe I was just over thinking it and started second/third/fourth guessing myself when I shouldn't have been.


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            Preflop looks ok if CO opens wide, calling should be fine too in that case though. Also depends on the blinds (are they foldhappy, squeezehappy or callhappy).

            OTF you will mostly have so much equity even against better that you can easily shove with the deadmoney invested. Also with villain minraising you could maybe even make him lay down a couple of equitable hands that he raised for "info" at least some of the time, so nh!
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