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2nl 6-max KK - well played?

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  • 2nl 6-max KK - well played?

    Villian: (35) 26/23/8.0 CBet 100 - 5/5; FCBet 50 - 1/2; F3Bet 50 - 1/2; WTSD% 43 - 3/7; Notes taken by PT4: 3Bet range {76s,AJo}; Called 3Bets in position {54s}; Pre: I decided to flat his 3bet, to keep his whole range for later purposes (AF 8.0! But he has a fold button!). Flop: Letting him CBet his whole range. I don't wanna scare him by raising. Turn: Set of nines or tens possible, sometimes even dueces or threes. FD and even total air is in his betting range, I guess. Not scared yet. River: Is he threebarreling or firing his 99+? Too scared to shove, but a clear call because of his AF and WTSD% although it is not a big sample. Are this thoughts correct or should I fold/shove the river or take a completly different line?

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    As played, I think i'm just calling down here. I don't know why he's betting what he did... I would definitely be betting $1.80 to force you to put your stack in. I'm only worried about AA here tbh. Pocket nine and pocket tens are pretty thin to 3bet preflop vs. a UTG open. Not saying that he doesn't have 99 or TT but yeah I think you're looking at AIR, (AK,AQ) and JJ+ maybe only QQ+. HAVING SAID THAT, I CALL!

    Note: At 2NL I'm getting KK in preflop no matter what when we're 150bb deep or less.


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      Hi nonex truth,

      we only got 35 hands on the villain so probably the stats we see won't give us much information to diverge from our standard game. I would just stick in a nice 4bet preflop and be ready to get my money in preflop. As played, I think we can take a flop raise; we don't have to make it too big just enough to make it easy to get the rest of the money in by the river and they can call us with QQ/JJ and AdKd, etc. But honestly just 4bet preflop against unknown.


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        Hi geoVarta, thank you for your thoughts and advice.
        [...] But honestly just 4bet preflop against unknown.
        I forgot to mention it is Zoom. I scanned my database: 52,233 hands 2nl Zoom 6-max played this year. Checking Kings: 13 times I was preflop 4bet+ aggressor with KK. All-in adjusted winrate: -396 BB/100 236 times only a 2bet or 3bet occured preflop. All-in adjusted winrate: +619 BB/100 Checking Aces: 18 times I was preflop 4bet+ aggressor with AA. All-in adjusted winrate: +4011 bb/100 196 times only a 2bet or 3bet occured preflop. All-in adjusted winrate: +1485 BB/100 Checking AK: 33 times I was preflop 4bet+ aggressor with AK. All-in adjusted winrate: -703 bb/100 544 times only a 2bet or 3bet occured preflop. All-in adjusted winrate: +110 BB/100 My 4bet+ Kings ran in 4x AA, 3x folds, 4x Ax, 1x 99, 1x 46o. May be I am just unlucky. And yes it is a small sample size. But my line of choice is definetly "no 4bet with KK" on 2nl 6-max Zoom. The "4bet with AA all day long" is definetly adviceable. I'm going to change my standard line with AA - thanks to you. umbup: EDIT: Over my livetimesample of 250.000 hands on 2nl 6-max Zoom 4betting Kings is slightly better than cold calling. I seem to be a bit unlucky this year.
        Last edited by nonex truth; Thu Mar 27, 2014, 06:43 PM. Reason: new results


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          I would 4bet pre-flop. By calling you loose the money anyway + you are not much smarter on the flop. For the rest of the end you were just defending yourself by calling.
          You he had AA, he would go allin to your 4bet I guess.



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