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10NL ZOOM, FPS with 54s

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  • 10NL ZOOM, FPS with 54s

    Hahahahaha. 10NL is driving me NUTZ! Villain(31):16/16/8.0 Fold to 3bet is N/A Decided to get fancy with 54s... I BLAME FELIX FOR THIS. LOL. I realize that I can flat with 54s on the BTN... so ya I'm not too sure why i opted to 3bet on the BTN... FPS. I get DONKED into... HUGE DONKbet OTT... and then... ALL YOU CAN EAT BABY! As played would you raise the turn? This hand blows! I think he can have the nut flush and a set of nines. Can anyone put this villain on anything else?
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    I hate the 3-bet pre. Sure, you can fold out stuff like KJo, but 54s plays fine as a call on the button with stacks bigger than 100bb. As played, I think raising and stacking off on the flop is probably best. You're flipping against overpairs, TPTK, and nut flush overcards (like ), and are only in bad shape against sets, which seem like odd candidates for a donkbet. Since this hand will be tough to play on future streets if you don't improve on the turn, I like harnessing some fold equity on the flop. If villain folds something like 88 after donking, it's a good result for you, as that's another 50/50 proposition, but your equity will decline hugely if the turn is a blank. There's also the problem that a third spade could kill your action if villain has something like two red jacks.
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      Hey dirt,

      In my experiences it's rare for players to donk into the preflop 3-bettor with a set, so I don't feel like he's got a set of 9's. The typical donking range is 1 pair hands and draws. So as played I think a flush is a very real concern here. T9s also makes sense, as does TT. I think the villain would feel very inclined to check A9 on the river, or make a blocking bet, after we've called twice. So I feel like we can comfortably fold to this river action as played.
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