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2NL zoom. bad bad play

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  • 2NL zoom. bad bad play

    I should have second barrel the turn and re-evaluate river.

    Played like this, I couldn't do anything except fold. Sure He could have a better hand or a worse hand but I'm lost because of my stupid passive play.

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    I think your play is fine, except for OTR! CALL ALL DAY LONG OTR!

    You could barrel the turn but I don't mind the check as it keeps KK-JJ in the hand. The flat call preflop is fine. At 2NL you can definitely 3bet AK for value from any spot, but at 10NL and higher I really like this flat call with AK vs a UTG open.


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      I think we can call here. He can value bet AQ/AJ (Possibly worse too) here because we have kind of underepped our hand a little.

      Though, did you have reads on him?


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        No, I didn't have any reads on him.

        I just didn't trust his betsize OTR, thought this was 2pair of better, but yeah, guess I should have called this


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          Originally posted by rkleefstra View Post
          thought this was 2pair
          You have 2 pair as well... Aces and Sixes with a King kicker.


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            If you check the turn for pot-control in position, it's so you can bet the river for 2 streets of value, or snap-call a bet.

            So snap-call the bet!
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              Originally posted by ArtySmokesPS View Post
              If you check the turn for pot-control in position, it's so you can bet the river for 2 streets of value, or snap-call a bet.

              So snap-call the bet!
              trust teh pingu!!!


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                Hmm, he called your potsize bet in a threehanded pot. Drawing, married or preety strong. I don't mind potcontroling by checking the turn. Even the top of his range, like sets or the 78s, he can check to you (you showed a lot of strength by donking the flop -> beeing in his position you betting the turn is reasonable). The riverbet polarizes his range. Without reads a clear fold.


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                  I'd usually 3-bet pre, calling is gonna be tough because of your bad position with 2 people to act that have position on you - will leave you in uncomfortable sandwhich spots often.

                  As you already pointed out yourself betting turn is very important here, villain can be potcontrolling a lot of worse hands or even check/call some draws at least.

                  River seems like a call given that you checked back turn and villain can't really read you for a strong ace here. Also, you're at the top of your range with AK and folding would mean you think that villain is so tight both pre and postflop that he will only continue with better most of the time against your bets.
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